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Saint Lucia: Vieux Fort - Daytime Burglaries

By Sue Richards last modified Nov 10, 2011 02:49 PM

Published: 2011-11-10 14:49:17
Topics: Piracy Reports 2011
Countries: St Lucia

Posted 20 June 2011

I would like to warn people about leaving their boats at Vieux Fort, St Lucia.

On the 27th April 2011 I left my catamaran to take my mom to the airport and pick up my girlfriend. I left at 2pm and returned at 4.50pm. During that time, in broad daylight, the lock was forced on the sliding doors. The boat was turned upside down and about £3000 of cash and goods were stolen.

The police attended but did not metion anything about a statement until I phoned up for a crime number. It took nearly 3 weeks to get them to take a statement and that was only by me turning up unannounced at the police station. They ignored all my calls.

I believe they do not want the crimes to be officially recorded, which has to happen when a statement is made.

Since then, I have heard that this town has a really bad reputation amongst sailors - so please let them know.

Shawn Dear

Posted 10 November 2011

I too stopped at Vieux Fort in June 2011 to pick someone up at the airport. I left the boat at 12 noon and returned at 2:30pm.

The boat had been locked, but burglars broke through the companionway and turned everything in the interior upside down. The contents of all drawers and cabinets were emptied. They stole the computer, ipod, cameras.

I called the police, who sent a boat out for me to file a report. They did not appear surprised and told me it was unlikely I would hear from them with any results.

As you have to go to the airport for immigration, I would not check in at Vieux Fort.

Richard Dallett

(For collecting crew from the airport, Richard recommends either going all the way to Marigot Bay to check in and then return south to pick guests up in Vieux Fort by just dinghying over to pick them up. Otherwise they could get a bus or taxi to Marigot).