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Croatia: Renewing the Cruising Permit - Beware

By Sue Richards last modified May 27, 2011 09:27 PM

Published: 2011-05-27 21:27:45
Countries: Croatia

Our thanks to Roger Terry for this Warning.

I have kept my boat in Croatia for 3 years. This last winter we took it to Italy and returned on the 10th of April. My crusing permit expired at the end of April.

We sailed to Dubrovnik and arrived on the 17th April. I attended the port Police at the ACI marina to get a new permit, but his computer link was down so he couldn’t do it. I told him I was returning on the 14th May and he agreed that I could re-new the permit then.

However, on the 14th of May, again his computer link wasn’t working and he told me to go to Cavtat and get it. I had to go there anyway since I planned to leave for Croatia. We stayed overnight in the ACI marina and sailed to Cavtat, arriving at about 17.45 where I presented myself to the Port Police - but he asked me to come back the next day.

I did and was then fined about 400 Euros for not having a valid permit. The options were, pay or they would hold my passport until the court case.

I won’t go back.