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Paradise on St Vincent

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 27, 2011 11:30 AM

Published: 2011-04-27 11:30:49
Countries: St Vincent & the Grenadines

Having heard lots of bad stuff about St Vincent, we decided to stop over there anyway.

We took a mooring at Keartons Bay, next to Wallilabou. It's Paradise.

The bay is very small, and from the sea doesn't look like it can hold a larger yacht (Mary Ann is 54'). Once inside, you see a few moorings on the Northern side of the bay. They are in about 20' of water, heavy slabs of concrete buried in the sand, with good chain/rope. Tying front and back makes the place very secure, except probably in a heavy Westerly, which is most unlikely here.

At the end of the bay sits Rockside Cafe, run by Rosi (German) and Orlando (Vincentian). They serve a great fare for dinner (reserve a couple of hours in advance), in an absolutely fantastic setting. We had dinner there, all on our own, and felt like a million dollars (the full dinner is 80TT, and includes a 4 course dinner, a welcome drink, and free mooring). Definitely good value.

Funny to see all the yachts pass by and go to Wallilabou, to be harrassed by the locals for help with the lines, and selling all sorts of stuff, sometime VERY aggressively, while we are all on our own here, no hassle, safe and secure, 20' from a steep cliff with a superb cave in clear waters.

Orlando also organizes diving and tour guiding, but no pressure. This couple is one of a kind, incredibly friendly and hospitable. Free internet is thrown in...

I was hesitating to write this, as it's nice to keep some secret hideouts, but I also think they deserve to be supported.

SY Mary Ann