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Albania Entry - Sarande

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 17, 2015 10:15 PM

Published: 2015-07-08 00:00:00
Countries: Albania

Albania Entry - Sarande

Sarande - courtesy of Tony Olin

Posted 8 July, 2015

We left Corfu for port of Sarande, emailed agent Agim Zholi, [email protected], a very helpful fellow who will have everything organised for you on arrival, cost including four nights mooring €100. Tie up on the new ferry dock, 24/7 security close to everything, definitely worth a visit if in this area, the blue eye and the amphitheatre of Butrint are a must do. Electricity and water available, eat and drink well for cheap, great internet from local phone shop, €14 for 10mb.

Posted 17 January, 2013

We sailed from Corfu to Sarande in May 2012. We also contacted Agim, who was extremely obliging and helpful. He arranged clearance and immigration for us for a reasonable fee of 50 Euros  (we are New Zealanders). He had an assistant who also was very helpful.

When we arrived there was one other yacht there but they left shortly afterwards, so we were the only yacht there. The berth that Agim arranged for us, right next to the Port Police, made us feel very secure and we were comfortable leaving the boat for our tours inland.  Ferries from Corfu arrived daily with locals and tourists.  The berth would be exposed in SW winds but there are plans to extend a breakwater which may make it more secure.

Agim also spent a day with us as our tour guide travelling to the ancient Roman site of  Butrint (well worth visiting) and to the Blue Eye springs. Very beautiful.  Cost 60 Euros including his own transport.

We were also able to locate some wonderful woven hand crafts as souvenirs. Not cheap, but lovely. The market is also fascinating (but the mussels from the mussel farms may suffer a bit from being displayed in old coke bottles in the sun).

We were charmed by the contrasts and the development in the twenty years since this was a communist country. Many buildings are half finished and some that contravened building regulations have been unceremoniously knocked down and the wreckage left in place, which gives a rather post-apocalyptic impression in places.

Rupert and Kristin Wilson
SY Rumpus NZ 1334

Posted 1 December, 2011

We called in at Sarande, Albania on our way from Sibari, Calabria, Italy to Lefkada, Greece in late October so that we would be officially out of the EU (Guernsey registered non-VAT paid boat).

We called Agim Zholi +355 692 566576 ([email protected]) as we cleared the boat out of Italy and he was waiting on the dock the next morning. He took our papers and passports and returned with everything including shore passes 30 minutes later. Outward clearance also took 30 minutes. Cost including 2 nights alongside in the secure commercial harbour and an Albanian courtesy flag was 70 Euros.

My wife has a South African passport and did not have an Albanian visa. This presented no problem for Agim!

We found the town to be developing fast and enjoyed our stay. We will return next spring for a longer stay and do some inland travelling through Agim.

Jim & Colleen Henderson
Nordhavn 47 - Jacobite

Posted 16 August 2010

We needed to get out of the EU contries for VAT reasons, and Albania was the shortest route from our location in Italy.

Following the information on the Noonsite web site we contacted Agim - a local yacht and ship agent, knowing that in some contries it is best to leave the entry procedures to the pro.

His mobile number is +355 692 566 576, E-mail address: [email protected]

We contacted him a day in advance with our details and Agim waited for us on the dock, took our papers and returned after a half hour with all the entrance procedures done.

In Sarande there is no marina, just one dock for shipping, ferrys and local fishing boats. The dock is in good shape, clean and very safe (24 hr security). The depth at the dock 4-6 meters so there is no problem even for the bigger yachts. There is fresh water and electricity.

We were in Sarande for a very short time beacause we were in a hurry, but we found a modern touristic town with Internet cafes, Bars, discos, restaurants and nice beaches.

Agim is a great help in anything that a yacht will need and he has years of experience. He's also a great person to talk to and a person who really understands Albania, past and present.

All in all we really enjoyed our time in Albania. We would recommend using Agim as an agent when entering Sarande.


Archie Archibald
Archie Archibald says:
Dec 23, 2013 01:01 PM

Can only agree with the above comments on Agim. He is helpful, knowledgeable and professional.