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Five Weeks in Salvador, Brazil

By Sue Richards last modified Aug 11, 2010 07:19 PM

Published: 2010-08-11 19:19:05
Countries: Brazil

I have now been 5 weeks in Salvador, Brazil, and have a few comments for noonsite.

1) Bahia Marina is the only place where one can haul out for a boat more than 20 tons (up to 40 tons). Facilities are very good, and live-aboard on the dry is comfortable.

2) For repair and maintenance, there is another boat service operation in Bahia Marina, with excellent service, and capacity to handle both structural work (metal, fibre, etc..), engine work, electrics and electronics, hydraulics, etc..: Green Nautica, contact person Carlos, phone: 0557191247551, e-mail: [email protected] Carlos has done extensive work on Mary Ann, and is very professional. He can usually be found on or near the docks at Bahia Marina.

3) For longer term stay, I find Itaparica a much better place than Bahia Marina, or other Salvador marinas, which are all rather expensive. Itaparica is cheap, safe, with either good anchorage or comfortable pontoon at the (small) marina. Contact: 55 7136311668. Great bars and laid back atmosphere.

4) Generally speaking Salvador is NOT cheap. Gas refill is very expensive (cheaper to buy yet another bottle of gas!), and security is a problem.

SY Mary Ann