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Mooring failure - Marine Park, Bonaire

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 13, 2010 05:28 PM

Published: 2010-07-13 17:28:43
Countries: Bonaire

The only option for mooring in Bonaire (aside from marina berths) is to take one of the 40 or so Marine Park laid and controlled moorings off the town quay, no anchoring is permitted. These moorings are charged at US$10 a day. The mooring lines appear to be in good condition and we confidently spent a fabulous 6 weeks on one of these moorings.

However, we were fortunate enough to be awake at 03:30 this morning when we spotted we were no longer close to our neighbours. Our first thoughts were that our lines had failed but were shocked to see the two mooring buoys were still attached to our lines. We lifted the buoys onto the deck along with a very hefty shackle ... but no pin!

We reported the incident to the Marine Park Chief Ranger first thing. He has had divers investigate the mooring and it seems the thread on the galvanised shackle had worn enough for the pin to fall free. He has confirmed all shackles will now be replaced with stainless steel. In the meantime, we urge other cruisers to dive on the shackle.

s/v Oceans Dream