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Malaysia: Admiral Marina, Port Dickson - Burglaries

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 13, 2010 05:03 PM

Published: 2010-07-13 17:03:03
Topics: Piracy Reports 2010

Recently there have been three boat break-ins here. This is what I know from conversations with the people involved. Other things may have been stolen but the main items are recorded here.

A Canadian boat was broken into while the owners were away. It was locked. Substantial damage was done to the companionway by the forced entry. Power tools were taken.

A game fishing boat owned by an Australian living in Jakarta had power tools taken. The boat was being looked after by marina staff who had a key. There was no suggestion of forced entry. The owner, a lawyer, pursued the case with the marina and was compensated for the losses.

While I was absent in Australia, my own boat was entered when the front hatch was forced. The motor was started (my fault for leaving the key). The offender left the boat when he was unable to stop the motor. The motor was left to idle for several hours without seawater cooling and luckily sustained only minor damage. Nothing of note was taken.

All this was despite the presence of security guards. As well a police patrol boat is moored in the marina near these boats.

My boat was entered in the early morning. It has been observed that at this time many of the security guards tend to be asleep.

Marina management is aware of the problem and installed additional lighting in the hard stand area. Also, they keep what boats they can in an area that allows cockpits to face towards the patrolled area of the main building. Itinerant workers are also required to sign in and out of the marina. However, the level of security would not be an issue for a determined thief.

I would endorse all the points raised in the previous posting about Admiral Marina.

Vic Martin
SV NovaVida