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Figueira da Foz Updates

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 05, 2010 11:38 AM

Published: 2010-06-05 11:38:03
Countries: Portugal

We would like to thank the marina at Figueira da Foz for these updates

Relating to the breakwater, we had, as you can imagine, a very tough winter season, and the works were significantly affected (about 70 m destroyed), but they are recovering well. At this moment, they are already redoing the head. So by June, it will have plus 400 m length, and a small temporary light on its end. The final lighthouse will be installed during June.

A few important details:

1) There is a new leading light system installed (2 units) at the new channel entrance (direction T047º) with red lights - 6 mi range, that you should follow, with:

  • Front unit: 2 s light, 1 s Oc
  • Rear Unit: 3 s light, 1 s Oc

2) There is a new buoy for signing the danger area (west), that also signs the cross between the new and the inner existing channel (this one leading to the marina) - buoy nº2, red, located on the northwest end of the new channel, so you should always leave it on your portside, when entering.

3) At this point aproximately you should be able to see the existing leading lights (installed in the Commercial Port), also red, that define the direction T081,5º, and that can be followed for some time in an optional basis.

4) On arrival, if there are poor visibility conditions, you should take care, because most probably the horn signal on the north breakwater will be working, but if is not, for the moment, installed at the end of the breakwater, but more or less in the middle, so you must be aware that, at this moment, it does not indicate the end of the breawater, but its existence; as I said before, I hope it can be installed during the month of June, in the new lighthouse.

So, in case of foggy conditions, all precautions must be taken, and it is advisable to contact Figueira Pilots on channel 14 or the the Maritime Authority on channel 16, before entering.

Besides all this information, the new marina, located on the east part of the dock, is almost finished (88 new places). It does not have energy or water for the moment, and we are studying the best way to use it for the summer time.