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Colombia: Cartagena - Dinghy and Outboard Thefts 2010 Plus a Suggestion

By Sue Richards last modified Oct 17, 2010 11:39 AM

Published: 2010-10-17 11:39:31
Topics: Piracy Reports 2010
Countries: Colombia

Subject: Dinghy and Out Board theft in Cartagena 01/07/10

A dinghy and outboard was stolen from a boat anchored about 200 feet from Club Nautico on Jan.7th 2010 at about 0330 in the morning. The dinghy was locked and cabled to the main vessel but in the water. Cable and painter were cut and thief got into the dinghy from the water and motored south past the container port.

Michael Rosner

Subject: More Dinghy and Out Board theft in Cartagena 02/15/10

Our dinghy and outboard got stolen last Monday night around 3 am. Another dinghy and outboard stolen also. Dinghy from other guy recovered but not motor. You need to raise your dinghy at night. Thieves are clever using I believe a spotter. They also distract Coast (bay) Guard and then hit the dingyhs. Police Coast Guard are frustrated over this group of criminals. We are upset we did not raise the dingy that night..

James Hansen

Subject: Another dinghy theft last night (Saturday night) off Club Nautico, Cartagena 02/20/10

Another Caribe dinghy and 15 hp Yamaha engine was stolen last night. The dinghy was not raised up on the davits. There was even a witness but could not call the coastguard in time. It appears the thief (bandito) is swimming to the boat and awaiting is a dinghy and fuel tank and he cuts the line and then motors off.

Two Caribe dingy´s were recovered last week by the coast guard. They were found deflated in the mangroves. The banditos want the engines not the dinghys. Yamaha is the engine of choice and 15 hp is the preference.

Otherwise Cartgagena is lovely and people very helpful and friendly.

James Hansen

Subject: Dinghy with 15HP Yamaha stolen 07/30/10

Our dinghy and new (6month old) Yamaha 15HP outboard was stolen from the boat. Serialnumber: 6B4K-1100250. Anchored from Club Nautico on July 30th 2010 at about 0300 in the morning. The dinghy was locked and cabled to the main vessel.

Georg Hiermann

A Suggestion which May Help

Posted 17th October 2010

On reading about the spate of outboard thefts in Cartagena I was interested to see that the thieves had a preference for 15hp Yamahas.

It could be just a hunch but I suspect that the thieves regard themselves as "experts" and go for particular makes and engine sizes.

I have a canvas cover for my 15hp Mariner and for a 2.5hp Mercury. This should make the "expert" unsure of what he is stealing (it could be some old thing not worthy of his efforts).

I think that if we add a cover for the outboard and of course use the transom padlocks plus the habit of lifting the dinghy at night one could have a better chance of avoiding nasty surprises with the added bonus of a bit more protection from bumps and scratches.

Sergio Mauri