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P.I.C., Recife, Brazil - Update

By Sue Richards last modified Oct 22, 2009 09:28 PM

Published: 2009-10-22 21:28:26
Countries: Brazil


I'm a Portuguese naval architect who lives and work in Recife.

Here is an update on the facilities of the Pernambuco Iate Clube (P.I.C.) situated at Recife, Brazil.

The club as obtained a license to build three floating pontoons who will have the capacity for 60 sailboats with individual water and electricity. The visitor’s fee for mooring in our deadweights is 15 Reais (around US$10) per day with water available for filling the tanks and showers. The first day is free for members of convened clubs. The mooring with anchor is forbidden as it has always been unless in the area designated for the club (for boats requiring a bigger mooring deadweight or if no deadweights are available).

The port entrance has been cleaned and dragged and is now 9m (30feet) depth until the club. The restaurant is still working (Monday’s and Tuesday’s is closed).

The facilities for hauling and major works will be available as the club is renting a space for a boatyard.

Entrance is quite easy to fulfill (about 4 hours for the total process), but as an update it’s important to know that because of works undergoing in the port Federal Police is clearing the entrance in the airport (Foreigners section). Customs and health authorities are still in the port (about 500m from the club) and the Marine authorities in the old quarter (across the waterfront from the club).

An update on Brazil laws:

  • Foreign boats are now allowed to stay for 2 years (requires a declaration to the Federal Police and Customs which we provide in the club free of charge).
  • Foreigners can stay in Brazil for a period of 90 days per years (the period begins counting with the first entrance in Brazilian territory) and can ask for another 90 days (which are normally granted).
  • While the boat is in Brazil it can only be moved or occupied by or in the presence of the owner.

Good winds,

Carlos Machado