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2009 Update on Kremik Marina - Further Comment

By Sue Richards last modified Dec 22, 2009 09:05 AM

Published: 2009-12-22 09:05:53
Countries: Croatia

This report was originally published on 14th September 2009.

Your article about Kremik is correct in as much as services are all available and that it is very safe both in terms of crime and weather protection.

This is a good marina if you have a very large boat and need a pontoon berth. Most are pontoon berths. You will need a decent sized boat to be welcome there. I was always pestered as to when I was going to leave as I had what was once a large boat but is now considered a small boat.

At best the staff were surley. At worst they were rude.

This is a Charter marina. Charter is king in Croatia. There is a very small percentage of private boat owners. Having a boat there is like camping in a superstore car park. Very noisy "team building " charter groups. Very often men-only charter groups behaving very badly. Loads of sulky or ill tempered charter personel who at best utter a grunt in return of a greeting. My pontoon was always covered in charter mess ranging from cleaning materials to rotting boxes stored on the pontoon.

Indeed it is a good safe place to store a boat but not a happy environment at all.

Christine Rabin

Noonsite contacted Kremik Marina for comment, who sent the following:

We do not know what happend because nobody contacted marina reception. We would like that guests which were in marina contact us so that we know what, where and when happend.

Further comment received on 20th December 2009.

We are sorry to hear of Ms Rabin's unpleasant stay at Kremik Marina. Having berthed there since September 2006, we have nothing but praise for the marina staff and facilities. Yes, it is about 75% charter boats and some charter groups are all male and ready to party, especially the first night, but we have lost very little sleep from their revelry. The marina restaurant often schedules special dinners and entertainment, which keeps the partying contained and offers us regulars some music as well. In our experience, other Croatian marinas can be far less peaceful, clean and well-maintained than Kremik and we have always found the Kremik staff friendly and helpful.

Beverly Blake