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Arriving in Lajes de Pico - Some Advice

By Sue Richards last modified Jul 17, 2009 08:57 PM

Published: 2009-07-17 20:57:50
Countries: Azores

Subject: Lajes de Pico

As no information nor map yet about the marina of Lajes de Pico, we just had few difficulties at the marina entry. Let me give some info.

  • Calling the marina office with VHF 16 or 09 has been useless. In fact, the marina is so small that nobody is dedicated to the VHF. However, someone was waiting us on the dock to help us and do the paperwork.
  • The entry of the main harbour is clear when staying around the green light of the jetty.
  • Once in the main harbour, there are dangerous patches of rocks almost everywhere. Need to be very carefull. You should go to a red buoy in the harbour, that you pass on portside, staying close to it. Then go to the green light on the dock and follow the dock on starboard, then turn right around the dock.
  • The first pontoon is the only one available for sailboats: just 5 places. Or you can stay at the welcome pontoon just after the dock: no water, no electricity, and free of charge.

Hope this helps,
Gérard Mennetrier