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Yap - Our Experience

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 09, 2009 06:56 PM

Published: 2009-06-09 18:56:13
Countries: Federated States of Micronesia

We arrived on a Sunday morning and "renegade" came out in a dinghy to advise us where to go, etc.

The was 35k out of west on arrival. We had been hove to for four days trying to get to Palau after 34 days at sea, leaving Gizo on 31/03/09.

No overtime charges. Did quarantine and customs: 25 for quarantine and 20 for customs. Went to immigration on Monday and was asked if we had a visitor's permit which one gets in Pomphei. We said no and the lady was kind enough to fill out and fax the form. No charge for immigration and we just extended it another 30 days. Again, no charge.

We came here for two reasons: could not get to Palau (wind) and after 34 days; enough. And, we heard from cruisers that Yap was a good place with nice people and to avoid Truk where one gets ripped off by officials.

The owner of the gas station here let us use his car. He insists on it. And, of course I put gas in it. The oasis restaurant has very good meals with free ice tea for (just) 5 u.s.d.

Yap is well worth a visit. Nice people, safe, no crime, no noise.

Only negative is you cannot get cash, as no ATM, bank will not allow a wire transfer or to open account unless you live here. The Manta Ray Hotel has been giving us cash advances when they have money for a 10% charge.

The bank of Guam is opening in August (2009) and this will solve the problem. All parts are duty free and being a U.S. trust, the P.O. is excellent, just like France.

A lady came up to us at the store and said..."Tristan"? you have three packages. They arrived in a week by U.S. post from the U.S.

Manta Ray Hotel here is first class with a lot of history, nice people, and a vessel one needs to see which was built in Jakarta. my girlfriend is finishing her diving certification here with a French man "Jean".

This is the only place in the world with stone money which has a very interesting history.

Last weekend taken as a guest to the forbidden island. Most westerners have never been invited. Saw the two largest pieces of stone money in the world. Largest 4+ meters by 3+ meters, 18" thich with an 18" inch circular hole through it.

One can buy a Yap flag for your yacht at the government office: (supply) for $7.70.

Michel Dennis