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Caribbean: Grenada, Mt. Hartman Bay - Attack & Robbery 2009 - Update

By Sue Richards last modified Oct 13, 2010 08:15 PM

Published: 2010-10-13 20:15:06
Topics: Piracy Reports 2009
Countries: Grenada

Update Received October 10th 2010

I got this message on Friday Oct 7th 2010 from the newspaper Newtoday i Grenada;

Update on robbery case.

Nelon Noel, 22 year old unemployed of Belmont St George's pleaded guilty to Robbery with violence at the opening of the October Assizes on 5th October, 2010.

Noel was one of two men who robbed 60 year old Norwegian tourist Alvhild Skorpen of articles (Toshiba laptop, two cellular phones and cash) valued together at $4150.00 on her yacht at Mt Hartman Bay on 14th, April, 2009. On the 7th October, 2010 he was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Justice Lyle St Paul, having acknowledged that he had five previous convictions all for stealing.

Best regards
Nils Tarberg

Original Report from Nils, posted April 14th 2009

I left my boat - s/y Mary Jean – which was under anchor long side the mangrove in Mt. Hartman Bay, Grenada. On board was my wife. I used my dinghy and my intention was to drive to Woburn to pick up (a friend) and return back to the boat.

Few minutes after two guys from the island swim to the boat and entered it so quiet that my wife did not hear them. She was in the saloon when the guys jumped in from the cockpit.

One of the guys - the leader - was nude. He took my Leatherman and tried to open it. Did not succeed, but used it anyway as a weapon against my wife’s throat. He demanded her to show him money. Then he grabbed her right hand and twisted to her back. He pressed his naked body against her and ordered her downstairs to the after cabin. There he tied her feet together and her hands together with strong garbage plastic bags. Same type of bag he put over her head and tied it firm round her neck. He tried then to lock the door, but did not succeed. He left her and she heard that the guys searched around in the boat.

Few minutes after I and (my friend) came with the dinghy up to the boat.

First near the boat I saw that there were strangers on board. The guys run to the stern and jumped over board with plastic bags in their hands. I drove the dinghy up to them. Asked them to stop and give us the plastic bags. They refuse and fight us when we tried to grab the bags. During this fight (my friend) fall in the water and the leader tried to hurt him by use of conch shell.

I made a retreat and because I did not know what the guys had done to my wife I entered the boat. Found my wife crying and heavily scared. We found that the guys had taken Money, credit card, driver license, and other cards. A Toshiba laptop, a Panasonic digital video camera and 3 mobile phones.

With help from Engel at Martins Marina I came in contact with the police who show up 45 minutes after the incident. Instead of searching for the guys the policemen gave priorities to write down a report.

This incident happened just 7 days before we should return to Norway. I was eager to identify the leader and the police investigator Mr. Douglas invited me to look thorough photos in the police files. There I found photos of the leader. Mr.Douglas said he expected that that guy could do such things. And when the police now know who the leader is the investigator is sure the guys will be caught.

My wife and I is now eager to get a promise from the Grenada people represented by the politicians that the leader of this robbery will be under supervision every time he is out from jail. This guy is really dangerous for foreigners who visit Grenada.

Best regards

Nils Tarberg
s/y Misty