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Update for Port Ghalib 2009 Regulations

By Sue Richards last modified Apr 01, 2009 09:24 PM

Published: 2009-04-01 21:24:16
Countries: Egypt

This is an abridged and edited version of a report kindly supplied by Capt. Sherif Fawzi, Port Captain of Port Ghalib, in February 2009. It contains current and valuable information on the different check-in processes currently in force in Egypt and in particular in Port Ghalib.

Edited by Dick Moore (Ed.), Yacht ALIESHA, February 2009

Port Ghalib International Marina - Egypt
With depths of 6m in the outer basin, Port Ghalib provides 500 berths for yachts up to 50m, alongside, with over 5 km of purpose-built quays.

Advantages of entering Egypt through Port Ghalib marina
New regulations by the Authorities were recently adopted to reduce time consuming routine and formalities with the aim of encouraging foreign yachtsmen to visit Egypt. Port Ghalib International marina is so far the first and only private marina in Egypt to be classed and licensed as an official Port of Entry by the Egyptian Authorities operating under these new regulations (and the fees payable are much cheaper than the fees payable in commercial ports such as Safaga, Hurghada Port (NOT the Marina) and Suez. Ed.)

All formalities (Entry visas, customs clearance, permits, etc.), either for arrival or departure, can now be completed at Port Ghalib. You will pay a governmental fee covering all formalities costs only once at the Port of Entry upon arrival. The fee is US dollar 30 per yacht for yachts up to 18 meters LOA and US dollar 50 for longer yachts for each month or part of a month stay in Egypt. (In return you will be granted a “Sailing Permission” Ed.)

With the receipt issued by the marina management (and your Sailing permission Ed.) you can visit other marinas in Egypt without additional payments. Just do not lose your receipt! Because all formalities are completed at Port Ghalib Marina (i.e. in the same place) you do not have to pay an agent for checking into Egypt (consider the cost saving), this is of course unless you decide you really need one.

(Of course, marina berth fees will also be payable. And if you DO stop at a commercial port on your way north, e.g. Safaga, you WILL have to appoint an Agent and pay all manner of fees, probably costing some $250 or more. On your way north you may anchor in any of the many remote anchorages between Port Ghalib and Port Tewfik (Suez) without needing to check in with the Authorities. If the military are about and want to see your papers, the Cruising Permission, Receipt in Arabic and probably a pack of cigarettes will see you through. Ed.)

Marina services
Fresh water & Electricity (220V & 380V) at all berths, Diesel and petrol fuel at the fuel berth operated by Caltex. (Diesel pumps discharge at 80, 200 and 500 liters/minute). Diesel price US dollar 0.55/liter. Communications (telephone, e-mail, Internet, facsimile), Laundry Service, Slipway, Showers / Toilet, 24 Hour Security, Car Parking, Medical Attendance, Solid waste disposal, Shuttle/Transportation Service available subject to prior arrangement with Marina Management, Seafood Restaurant, Bank, Duty Free Shop, Gym.

Marina Rates are subject to 10% Sales tax: (No rates were supplied Ed.)
Water and electricity charged extra as per usage; Water: US$ 7 per 1000 lit (m3) and Electricity: US$ 0.280 per kWh.

The marina is accessed via a natural 700m long channel, running almost due east-west, through the shoreline reef. There is a fairway buoy (flash white 2 every 10 seconds) positioned at 25 32 001 N 034 38 707 E.

All boats must check into a Port of Entry to Egypt.
Ports of Entry to Egypt are:
- Alexandria
- Port Said
- Suez (Port Tewfik)
- Sharm El Sheikh
- Taba Heights
- Safaga
- Qusier
- Port Ghalib (A special streamlined process and lower costs apply here. Ed.)

Documents required in Egypt:
1- Port Clearance from your last Port of Call
2 - Ships Registration Certificate
3 - VHF Radio License
4 - Insurance Certificate
5 - Crew List
6 - Passport for everyone on board

Documents required filling in on arrival:
1 - Passport control office declaration arrival
2 - Ministry of transport Declaration of arrival
3 - Notification for temporary clearance of yacht
4 - Undertaking
5 - Navigation equipment list
All the above should be in date (valid) and original copy.
Ship's stamps are always good to have but not essential.

All boats must have a reservation before coming to the marina and please contact the marina office on VHF Channel 16 or 10 before entering the marina. (I doubt that you would be turned away if you had no reservation but given the ease of communicating via email it is probably worth making one. Ed.) Also we do need a valid insurance and be informed that boats are allowed to enter our marina after sunset.

Port Ghalib International
Cap: Sherif Fawzy
Marina Manager

Postal Address
Port Ghalib International Marina
South Red Sea 75 Km El Qusier Marsa Alam Road
4 Km South Marsa Alam International Air Port
N 25°32'.001 - E 34°38'.707
VHF CH 10 / CH 16
Land Line: +2 0065 3700 240
Fax: +2 0065 3700 241
Mob: +2 010 3434708 & +2 012 2128242

Agency Contacts in case you have to use them:
Suez / Port Said - Felix Maritime Agency - [email protected]
Suez - Prince of the Red Sea - [email protected]
Hurghada - Fantasia Shipping - [email protected]
Safaga / Hurghada - Ibramar Shipping Co. - [email protected]