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Looking for Advice on a Passage from Australia to Thailand

By Sue Richards last modified Mar 23, 2009 06:50 PM

Published: 2009-03-23 18:50:23
Countries: Australia

We are currently planning a cruise from Australia (mid east coast) to Thailand. We would like to go: Bundaberg - New Caledonia - Vanuatu - possibly the Solomons - possibly PNG / or the Caroline Islands - Palau - possibly Philippines - Malaysian Borneo.

Although we would like to depart Australia at the start of the cruising season, circumstances have us leaving at a more likely date of August. We would appreciate some tips on the timing of such a route. We obviously want to avoid cyclones / typhoons, but we also don't want to rush.

We also have concerns about safety along this route; are there still security issues with cruising the Solomons and PNG? What about the southern tip of the Philippines / northern tip of Borneo - is this still considered unsafe?

Any information from fellow cruisers on timing and safety issues would be very welcome.

Sharon & Julian