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Peru, Lima to USVIs

By Sue Richards last modified Sep 01, 2008 04:46 PM

Published: 2008-09-01 16:46:19
Topics: Pacific Ocean East
Countries: Ecuador , Peru

I had a quick question about Central America in the summer time and boat transit routes.

I have your World Cruising Routes and the World Cruising Handbook, very informative books and your site is great. I am looking to purchase a catamaran in Lima in Mid-June and wanted to know the best strategy of getting it to USVI by November and of course stay out of the hurricane belt.

There does not seem to be much information on cruising during the summer in Central America, is it just too hot, dangerous and raining to be much fun.

A few thoughts I was considering were to cruise the boat around Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos, dive, surf etc. then leave the boat until November and move it all at once to USVI in November thru the canal, ABC’s, then USVI per your suggested routes, it would be a long trek to be sure.

Another idea would be to cruise the boat thru the summer in stages like maybe Lima to the Pacific side of Panama, leave the boat a while then thru the canal and cruise San Blas then maybe head to Cartagena then ABC or Trinidad, store boat for the remaining season, then cruise up the chain to USVI in November.

Any thoughts on this as far as routes, months of travel or general ideas on these areas would be greatly appreciated.



Both plans have certain attractions, but you are right: summer/hurricane season in central America can be hot and humid.

Sailing up the west coast of S. America is probably the easier way. There is a very good marina in Ecuador - Puerto Lucia Yacht Club, where the boat can be left safely while visiting the interior - the Amazon, or High Andes. From there you could continue to Panama, then take the southern route via San Blas, Cartagena, ABC to Trinidad... as you describe it yourself.

I hope this helps.


Jimmy Cornell