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Caribbean, Dominica - Boarded and Robbed

By Sue Richards last modified Jan 21, 2009 08:36 PM

Published: 2009-01-21 20:36:07
Topics: Piracy Reports 2008
Countries: Dominica

Dear Noonsite,

It is with regret that I feel the need to inform your readers of our recent incident in Roseau, Dominica.

We arrived early in the afternoon of June 13, 2008 on a Sunsail bareboat catamaran and proceeded to pick up a mooring ball in front of "Sea Cat". It is just north of the Anchorage Inn. Of course this decision was assisted by the prompt arrival of a local boat boy "Desmond" to make the mooring available, collect fee, point the way to customs and the bank, etc.

Having never been to Dominica, we decided to avail ourselves of a bit of local knowledge and comply.

After clearing customs, we explored a bit of the south end of the island, had dinner and returned to the boat around 10:30 pm. We were both quite exhausted and went to bed early.

Not being familiar with this boat and her "night sounds" we were aware of some noises but not alarmed enough to investigate them as we thought it was the mooring ball on the hulls. I had left my purse in the cabin and about 20 minutes after turning in, decided to switch cabins to enjoy the mist of an evening drizzle in another bunk (open hatch).

The night passed quietly and seemingly uneventful.

The next day at breakfast, we went to pay the bill and discovered that all the cash had been removed from the wallet on the boat while we were sleeping. Yes, I know, it should have been divided and hidden better but .....hindsight. Good news is they left the passports and credit cards.

There is no question as to when the money was stolen, only "who had done it!" We certainly have our theories!!

We checked around with other locals and Sea Cat himself has a good name and reputation. He was quite upset about the incident.

The incident was reported to the Dominican Coast Guard and the board of Tourism as well. Most everyone on the island whom we met was very sad to hear of our misfortune and assured us that Dominica is usually a safe and trouble free place. These folks take a lot of pride in their beautiful island.

Sea Cat himself also reported that there is apparently a "crack house" just across from the mooring ball where we were. Who knew???

One other word of caution. The Dominican Coast Guard, while very respectful, likes to check you coming and going. It is understandable that they have a drug problem and want to maintain a strong presence. Do be advised however, that they don't make a practice of putting out fenders when they come to check your vessel so be prepared.

Happy Cruising
Tanya Dennis