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Ismailia, Egypt

By Sue Richards last modified Jun 02, 2008 03:56 PM

Published: 2008-06-02 15:56:53
Countries: Egypt

Ismailia is half way along the Suez Canal and for most boats it is only an over night stop as they transit the canal. Some stay a few days and visit Cairo, which is only 120 klms away.

I have had to stay here for three weeks, while my wife flew back to Australia. Ismailia has proved to be a charming place. The yacht club is safe and secure and the people very friendly. During this time I have had the use a of a taxi, owned by Mohamed Imbaby. He speakes good English and has been very helpful and honest. I would highly recommend him to anyone who comes here. Mohamed's phone number is 0121538285.

Fuel can be bought at the pump for 25 cents a litre. There can be a problem getting it into the marina, which is a customs area. Mohamed's English was very helpful here to ease the way with the guards.

Ismailia is not a tourist town, but a working port for the Canal Authority, so there is always somthing interesting going on. Very few people speak English, but they try to help, and you can get most things here.

Happy cruising
Phil and Margaret Heaney