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Incident at St Vincent

By James Greenwald last modified Apr 17, 2008 01:00 PM

Published: 2008-04-17 13:00:34
Countries: St Vincent & the Grenadines

We spent the night of 15 March 2008 on the north-east side just south of the snorkeling zone. We got help of boatboys Carlos and his assistant, they where very helpful and friendly (boatname: Time and Money). Lateron a fisherman , John, on a surfboard came for a chat with stories about thieves and robberies and accusations in the direction of Carlos and his assistant. We removed everything from deck and cockpit and as you advised we locked ourself in for the night. Around 5:00hr in the morning we heard noises and switched on the cockpit light: nothing to see, so we stayed inside. The next morning one pair of shoes of two, forgotten to remove from the dinghy on the stern davits was missing.

Generally we get not a safe feeling on St Vincent in Chateaubelair and also in Bat Cove near Hummingbird, Souffriere. The Rangers said it was safe there but guides informed us about recent thefts.

Joost van der Linden