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New zarpe rule in Puerto Montt

By doina — last modified Dec 12, 2014 01:29 PM

Published: 2007-12-18 19:33:04
Countries: Chile

Hi Noonsite,

The Port Captain in Puerto Montt has just instituted a new rule, as of Dec 1st 2007, that he has stopped issuing Zarpes to Puerto Williams and will only issue zarpe's for ports north of Gulfo de Penas. He says he is doing this "in order to better control the movement of yachts in the channels". Practically speaking, the cruising boats are now getting a zarpe from Puerto Montt to Castro, and then the Castro Port Captain has no problem issuing a Zarpe to Puerto Williams.


Evans Starzinger, S/V Hawk

EMcE says:
Dec 10, 2014 10:35 PM

Hi I would like to add my personal coments to the above note. My yacht Cape Petrel was in Peurto Montt from 2007 until 2010. In Feb 2010 we were told we had to renew her (Cape Petrel's) visa. To do this it was required we sail to an Argintinian port if only for one day. We obtained a zarpe for the complete trip south and as we were officially out of Chile a blind eye was turned to the over night sgops along the way. We reported in daily and as we were about to leave Chilean waters wecrecived an email from the Peurto Montt port captan thanking us for our obediance and welcome us back to Chlie on completion of our Argentinian stop over. I can say no more than during my stay in Chile we obeyed the rules and found the Armada the most profesinal officials I have e er dealt with. I consanty beard from otbrr yachties how they never checked in and gave each other 'coded' messages as to thier positions. It insenced me. The Chilean channels are far and away the most complex navigation aria of this type on earth and the noncompliane of what are safty rules for thier own good only makes it harder for the genuine cruiser. After listening to some comments about tge rules and the Armada in general I'm surprized they let yachties in at all.