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Port Said Navigation Information

By doina — last modified Apr 27, 2007 11:18 AM

Published: 2007-04-27 11:18:16
Countries: Egypt

On a recent passage from Egypt going North we found that paper charts and C-Maps electronic charts of just a few years of age (don't know exactly but probably 4-5 years or older) don't show the TSSs (Traffic Separation Schemes) outside Port Said.

My only conclusion is that the TSSs are quite new, and it is very important to know where they are.

The 2 large zones just NW and NE of Port Said are roughly the following: NW (1)31 43.43N 31 58.18E (2)31 44.67N 32 00.08E (3)31 31.36N 32 12.30E (4)31 32.77N 32 13.86E

NE (1)31 35.85N 32 21.00E (2)31 34.78N 32 23.48E (3)31 43.17N 32 35.23E (4)31 41.42N 32 36.61E

Per Kjellqvist