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Extending An Electronic Visa

By doina — last modified Jan 23, 2007 12:11 PM

Published: 2007-01-23 12:11:18
Countries: Australia

Extending a 3 months visitor's visa (obtained electronically over the internet) after arriving in Australia is a real hassle and expensive. We recently went through this ordeal and it involved submitting form 601 x 3 (extensive) with evidence of available funds, etc etc. Once submitted (in Sydney) at a cost of A$205.00 per passport, we received a call from Immigration that we needed to submit a birth certificate for our 13 year old along with a consent letter signed by both parents requesting the extension for a minor. Furthermore, we needed to proceed to the Health Services of Australia offices for chest X-rays, another A$116.00 per X-ray. So by now the total cost of extending our visas amounts to A$963.00 (approx US$750.00 for three passports) not to mention the cost of transportation and the hassle. Try to obtain at least a 6 months or better yet 12 months visitor's visa at an Australian Embassy or Consulate abroad.

Peter Eberle