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More Information On Quarantine Inspection Of Souvenirs

By doina — last modified Mar 07, 2006 11:36 AM

Published: 2006-03-07 11:36:04
Countries: Australia

Firstly when you arrive into Australia an inspection will take place in your first port of call, during this inspection by an AQIS officer you will be asked to fill out a Quarantine Pre-Arrival report for vessels under 25 m and the quarantine officer will ask you a series of questions and conduct an inspection of the entire vessel for goods that are of quarantine concern.

This inspection will include all of the galley storage spaces including fridge, freezer and dry storage spaces for quarantine risk material including frozen and fresh meats and poultry products from risk countries, fresh fruits and vegetables which will then be seized and destroyed.

The quarantine officers will ask you about any souvenirs you have collected including shells, feathers, wooden artefacts and any matting, the quarantine officer will inspect these goods for quarantine concerns and if clear of these concerns the goods will be released. If there are issues with the goods, if treatment is required then that will either be conducted at the time of inspection or the goods could be sent for treatment depending on the situation or ultimately confiscated and destroyed.

A good way to assist us in processing your vessel is to check your wooden items if there are any small holes in them. If there is if you are comfortable in doing this you could place the artefacts into a bag and spray with standard household insecticide and seal the bag for a day. Inform the quarantine officer of your actions and this will assist in the processing. Any further questions on quarantine for yachts entering Australia could you please contact or check out our website and there is a section on yachts entering Australia.

Stephen Gillow

Coordinator - Operations, Seaports Program

Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service