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Chagos Update September 2003

By doina — last modified Sep 15, 2004 01:24 PM

Published: 2004-09-15 13:24:17
Countries: BIOT (Chagos)

by Lilly Vedana, Thomas Müller, Yacht MIZ MAE (Updated by DANERA August 2004)

Regarding information about the political situation, we've heard nothing more about the Ilhois wanting to come back. There is certainly NO activity on the islands - the "scientific" instruments look like they're decaying in place. The patrol ship "Pacific Marlin" stops by occasionally, but the officers who are collecting the fees either know nothing about any political issues regarding Chagos, or they have been instructed to keep very quiet.

In the two-page "rules" which are handed to every sailor fortunate enough to meet up with the "Pacific Marlin" there is no mention of an indigenous population nor any reference to the origins of the various "historical buildings" that we're not allowed to deface or live in. So it's "Business as usual" on Chagos, nothing changed, the yachts are still enjoying one of the last paradises and a most remote one at that!