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Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Ocean East

Atlantic Ocean South

Atlantic Ocean West

Caribbean Sea

China Sea


Indian Ocean

Java Sea

Malay Archipelago


Pacific Crossing

Pacific Ocean East

Pacific Ocean South

Pacific Ocean West

Red Sea

Tasman Sea

Timor Sea


For questions and answers on routing matters try the noonsite Routing Forum.

Routing Services

Ocean-Pro Weather Services
Naples, Florida, USA , 26 08N, 81 48W , (latitude/longitude: 26 08N, 81 48W)
Tel:+1 239-775-7435, +1 239-877-4094, Skype: “captcookusa”
Ocean-Pro Weather offers precision weather forecasting, passage timing & routing advice for yachts globally. Ocean-Pro is operated by Bob Cook, an experienced offshore sailor since 1985, (USCG Master, 100 ton, 150,000 nms), and global weather router since 2003.
Bob provides detailed and accurate long range weather forecasting and routing advice for the owners and skippers of private yachts, power and sail, globally. His comprehensive approach and guidance commences with an understanding of the vessel, crew and planned passage, and includes a pre-departure weather, timing, and routing discussion. He is familiar with historical weather patterns and cruising routes globally. He is in contact with vessels daily, logs each vessel’s position & status reports daily and monitors the location, development and movements of relevant highs, lows, fronts, storms, tropical storms, hurricanes & cyclones.
His detailed forecasts are based on multiple high resolution global & regional weather models, (GFS, ECMWF, NAMS COAMPS & WW III), high resolution, real-time satellite imagery, and weather forecasts & warnings from other international weather services. His written forecasts include a synoptic discussion, surface and upper level weather analysis and each vessel’s route, speed, projected positions and the forecast weather conditions & any warnings including fronts, lows, pressure, temperature, winds, clouds, visibility, precipitation and seas.
His routing advice can include ports & harbours, storm avoidance and detailed real-time ocean current analysis with optimal routing & waypoints. He relies on close daily communications by telephone, email, sat phone, HF SSB and/or text messages and can provide communications assistance with port authorities, marinas, USCG, SAR organizations, etc.
Ocean-Pro operates an FCC licensed, Private Marine Coast Station on the 6-18 mhz marine bands, (call-sign WQCN860).

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Atlas of Pilot Charts (free from MSI)
A boon for long-distance passagemakers, global coverage passage charts free of charge. Each region can be downloaded separately and one month at a time. (Beware of large file size per chart.)
El Niño (and La Niña) Advisory
Updated once a month (2nd Thursday of each month) this gives excellent information about the current conditions, past history and future predictions. A site to watch.
Indonesia to Australia
Cruising in Company
Page on the Sail Indonesia website where boats returning from Indonesia to Australia can post their details if the wish to meet up with other yachts doing the same thing.
Ocean current data for passages
Ocean currents are a significant factor when planning an Ocean passage, and if researched properly can be used to your benefit. In this report by circumnavigators SY Totem, they outline the considerations for a passage from Madagascar to South Africa and the resources they used.
Share Maxsea Track Files
Share tracks with other cruisers. Helpful in determining approaches and anchorages as well as avoiding uncharted low-water areas. Interesting to see how others have approached long passages.
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