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  • Pacific – List of Radio Nets

    Date Published - December 12, 2018

    A comprehensive list of all the Pacific Radio Nets, both SSB and HAM. NB: if a radio net is listed on a recently updated blog... Read More
  • Courtesy Flags for the South Pacific

    Date Published - October 13, 2013

    Tips and advice have taken from the Yahoo group “Pacific Puddle Jump” We need to get courtesy flags for the South Pacific. Does anyone have... Read More
  • Wallis Island – A visit in August 2017

    Date Published - August 23, 2017

    SV Wanderlust V visited Wallis in August 2017 and detailed their experiences in this report. We visited Wallis two weeks ago for less than a... Read More
  • Wallis Island – unspoilt destination

    Date Published - November 29, 2002

    Wallis Island is about 300nm west of Samoa, is not often visited by cruising yachts and there is little tourism. We had no problems entering... Read More
  • Pacific Ocean Lockdown: What are the Options?

    Date Published - May 23, 2020

    After six months with a Pacific basin full of yachts thrown into confusion following rapid border closures due to Covid-19, respite for those stuck in... Read More