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  • Cruising Notes from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Trinidad, West Indies

    Date Published - August 17, 2010

    Cruising notes from San Fernando, Argentina to Natal, Brazil calling at Punta Del Este, Uruguay, and Rio Grande, Porto Belo, Niteroi (Rio), Buzios, Vitoria, Salvador,... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador: Armed Boardings and Robberies – June/July 2012

    Date Published - July 31, 2012

    POSTED 30 JULY, 2012 Yachties need to be aware of the armed attacks which have been made in this part of Brazil. In the eight... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador de Bahia, Itaparica Island: Assault and Robbery – March 2014

    Date Published - April 02, 2014

    Assault and Robbery in Itaparica, near Salvador, Bahia. We have been anchored in Itaparica Island, near Salvador, Bahia, NE Brazil, since last December. Before coming... Read More
  • Brazil, Salvador: Clearing In

    Date Published - June 25, 2012

    Clearing into Brazil at Salvador is easy, if time-consuming. We were not asked to use an agent for clearance. The Policia Federal (Immigration) should be... Read More