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  • Caribbean, Central America, USA: Cruising Ports: Florida to California via Panama

    Nautical guidebook from 2003 for boaters making this popular 5,000-mile cruising route between the US coasts via the Panama Canal: Cuba, Mexico’s Gulf Coast &... Read More
  • Caribbean, USA: Sailing Around the World: The Adventures of Prince Diamond Part 1

    The book covers the author’s adventure from 2012 – 2015 and his generally single-handing “The Prince” from Tortola to Grenada, through the Turks and Caicos... Read More
  • Caribbean: A Thinking Man’s Guide to Voyaging South

    This guide was produced by Frank Virgintino in 2012 and originally was available to download for free from the website. This website is no... Read More
  • Caribbean: Cruising Guide to the Caribbean

    By William T. Stone and Anne M. Hayes Publisher Sheridan House. Rev Rep edition (August 21, 1998) ISBN-13: 978-0924486579...... Read More
  • Central America, Caribbean: Cruising Ports: The Central American Route

    New 6.5 edition, March 2011. Nautical guidebook (272 pages) for boaters (sail & power) to all the marinas, anchorages & services along Pacific Guatemala, El... Read More
  • Central and South America: Colombia to Rio Dulce Cruising Guide

    Covers the coast of Colombia, The San Blas Islands, the off-lying islands of Colombia (San Andres and Providencia), the Moskito coast, the Cape at Gracias... Read More
  • Panama: Living in Panama

    Most authoritative day-to-day guide to life in Panama. Available in bookstores in Panama or online at By Sandra T. Snyder Publisher: TanToes, S.A.; 2nd... Read More
  • Panama: The Panama Cruising Guide

    Considered one of the best Guides covering Panama, this 5th Edition (2014) is a comprehensive cruising guide for both the Panama Canal and San Blas... Read More
  • Panama: The Panama Guide

    Still the most comprehensive guide written about the extraordinarily beautiful waters of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama. It contains vital information for planning... Read More
  • Reeds 9-Language Handbook

    The pocket dictionary is centered around clear, color, annotated diagrams, such as parts of the rig and engine, in each nautical subject area, and makes... Read More
  • Sailing Around the World: The Adventures of Prince Diamond Part 2

    “A continuation of part-1 which took the author through the Caribbean to Panama, part 2 spans years 2015 – 2019 as the author with his... Read More
  • South Pacific, Europe, Americas: Downwind Around Australia & Africa Yacht Pilot

    Provides sailing directions from the South Pacific to Europe and Americas on the downwind route in one volume including weather information and route planning information.... Read More
  • Spanish for Cruisers

    The new edition of this extremely useful guide has a host of new features that will make life even easier for sailors visiting Spanish speaking... Read More
  • The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages

    An invaluable book for anyone sailing outside their native country. Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (January 2014), See more details here  ...... Read More
  • The Path Between the Seas: The Creation of the Panama Canal

    The National Book Award-winning epic chronicle of the creation of the Panama Canal, a first-rate drama of the bold and brilliant engineering feat that was... Read More