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Video: Cabo de Finisterre - Bahia de Corcubion - Encounter with Orcas

...orcas in Bahia de Corcubion when rounding Cabo de Finisterre, NW Spain. Ten boats over a period of 3 days were harassed by orcas in this area. Orca Encounter Video...

Is playing with yachts just "in vogue" for orcas?

Interesting article with some alternative views from scientists.

Atlantic Spain and Portugal: Orcas Ramming Yachts

...left scientists baffled. One of the Orcas photographed by the Spanish Naval yacht “Mirfak” Since July, sailors have been reporting worrying encounters with orcas (killer whales) along the Atlantic coast...

Published 3 years ago

Spain: Clarification on what tactics used by yachts to repel orcas are forbidden by Spanish law

...that protect orcas in Spanish waters and how yachts encountering cetaceans should behave. The following should be read alongside the Royal Yachting Association’s guidance and that produced by the Atlantic...

Published 11 months ago

Atlantic Spain and Portugal: ORCA Interaction Advice to Yachts

...adjacent shows the likely migration route and areas where the likelyhood of encountering Orcas is high. Ruth Esteban, PhD, of the Madeira Whale Museum, told Noonsite that at this time...

Published 2 years ago

Iberian Peninsula: Online Reporting Platform Launched to Register Orca Interactions

...register orca interactions and sightings along the Iberian Peninsula, in order to better understand the orca’s behaviour and identify ways to help skippers avoid interactions and reduce damage to their...

Published 10 months ago