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  • Atlantic Spain and Portugal: Orcas Ramming Yachts

    Date Published - September 14, 2020

    ...left scientists baffled. One of the Orcas photographed by the Spanish Naval yacht “Mirfak” Since July, sailors have been reporting worrying encounters with orcas (killer... Read More
  • Atlantic Spain and Portugal: ORCA Interaction Advice to Yachts

    Date Published - April 23, 2021

    ...adjacent shows the likely migration route and areas where the likelyhood of encountering Orcas is high. Ruth Esteban, PhD, of the Madeira Whale Museum, told... Read More
  • NW Spain: Orca Activity Increasing – Daily Tally of Yachts Damaged

    Date Published - October 06, 2021

    ...orcas and a yacht in French waters. On the same day there was a group of orcas interacting off Peniche (north of Cascais), and another... Read More
  • NW Spain, Finisterre: Speedy Repairs after Orca Damage

    Date Published - November 14, 2021

    Orcas have been interacting with yachts off the western Iberian Peninsula for some time now, widely reported on Noonsite and the web. SY Carissa was... Read More
  • Retreat from Paradise

    Date Published - December 28, 2020

    ...process between government officials and skippers. One of the Orcas photographed by the Spanish Naval yacht “Mirfak” Outcomes in the Atlantic Overall, more than 200... Read More
  • NW Spain: Government Introduces a No-Sailing-Zone following 29 Incidents Between Sailboats and Killer Whales

    Date Published - September 22, 2020

    ...quarter of an hour, the orcas lost interest completely. It seems that orcas are more persistent the more resistance they encounter. Read the full story... Read More
  • Gibraltar

    ...weeks to protect both the orcas and sailboats. Orcas were also encountered off the coast of Portugal and near Gibraltar. Spanish and Portuguese authorities have... Read More
  • Gibraltar to Cadiz: Orca Encounter – First Person Report

    Date Published - June 13, 2021

    ...Yes we were sailing! The Orcas are Coming! Then suddenly my nephew Pietro called us with a scared voice. “Hey! they come! The Orcas come!” ... Read More
  • Washington, San Juan Island: Proposed No Go Zone to Protect Orca Feeding Areas

    Date Published - January 21, 2010

    ...between 1996 and 2001. Orcas, a species of dolphin, were listed as endangered in November 2005. The Marine Fisheries Agency has proposed regulations to protect... Read More
  • SW Spain, Gulf of Cadiz: Exclusion Zone between Cabo de Trafalgar and Punta Paloma

    Date Published - August 06, 2021

    ...not allowed in non-marked areas between the exclusion zone and the coast of Spain. Encounters with Orcas: If any vessel has an unexpected encounter with... Read More
  • Iberian Orca and Interaction with Yachts

    ...Orca Working Group (of which Madeira Whale Museum is a part) is an excellent resource for sailors with lots of great information about Orcas interacting... Read More
  • A Summary of Ecuador

    Date Published - December 20, 2014

    ...Orcas. The humpbacks were jumping in their traditional way, making a half turn in the air and then splashing into the water. The sperm whales... Read More
  • Spain

    ...of skimming devices placed on ATMs, take actions to protect card PINs, and closely monitor bank statements for anomalies. Maritime Issues: ORCA Interactions: Since 2020... Read More
  • San Juan Islands

    ...called The Gulf Islands. The principal islands in this group are Lopez Island, Shaw Island, Orcas Island, and San Juan Island. There are many other... Read More
  • Mediterranean: The Migrant Crisis – Tragedy and Treachery

    Date Published - July 26, 2021

    ...duty and on a brighter note, we exited successfully – avoiding the Orcas – and ticked off a bucket list aspiration flying a spinnaker just... Read More
  • Ushuaia

    ...a prison colony. Wildlife attractions include local birds, penguins and orcas as seen on the islands in the Beagle Channel. There are daily bus tours... Read More
  • France: Navigating the Canals and Rivers in a Small Yacht

    Date Published - September 20, 2021

    After dealing with inquisitive Orcas off the coast of Spain while on a recent yacht delivery, Martin Evans decided to take his yacht back to... Read More
  • Gulf Islands

    ...of Georgia. The islands and surrounding ocean are rich with ecologically diverse plants and sea life including Garry oaks, wild lilies, kelp beds and Orcas.... Read More
  • U.S. Consulate Funchal

    Address: Funchal, Madeira,

    Funchal The Funchal office closed in 2013 -contact the Lisbon United States Embassy, Avenida das Forças Armadas 1600-081 Lisboa or Apartado 43033 1601-301 Lisboa Phone:... Read More
  • France

    ...generally and cruisers report that in Antibes, Marina Vauban, there has been a good deal of thieving from boats. ORCAS Since 2020 orcas have been... Read More