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  • Clearance Help (2012)

    Address: Japan,

    Maeda Hiroshi Maeda and his son are circumnavigators, and having been helped so much from other world sailors they would like to offer their help... Read More
  • Clearance Help (2015)

    Address: Ishigaki,

    Mike Quinn Mike is a resident yachtie and has been helping foreign yachts with inward clearance for over a decade....... Read More
  • Coast Guard – Ishigaki (Okinawa)

    Address: Japan,

  • Customs – Ishigaki (Okinawa)

    Address: Japan,

    All clearance officials will visit the boat. Customs must be advised of any narcotic medicines on board....... Read More
  • Ginowan Marina

    Address: Masiki 4 - 4 - 1 Okinawa, Ginowan Port, Ginowan City,

    Visitors’ berths, English spoken by most of the staff, all facilities, duty-free fuel, free WiFi in the marina office. Laundry 5 minutes walk from the... Read More
  • Itoman Fisherina (Marina)

    Address: Japan,

    All facilities, guest berths. Boatyard with haulout....... Read More
  • Japan Coast Guard

    Address: Okinawa Branch,

    Call on VHF before arriving or leaving the port. Send the boat security report (available at [BROKEN LINK]) prior to arrival....... Read More
  • Naha Port Authority

    Address: Japan,

  • Okinawa Customs

    Address: Japan,

  • Okinawa General Bureau (OGB)

    Address: 2-shome-1-1 Omoromachi , Naha ,

    Department of the Ministry of Land, responsible for granting closed port permissions....... Read More
  • Yonabaru Marina

    Address: 70 Higashihima, Yonahara-cho , Shimajiri-gun , Okinawa Prefecture 901-1304,

    Full facilities, 60 ton hoist, fuel, chandlery...... Read More
  • Yonabaru Marina

    Address: 70 Higashihama, Yonabaru-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa , Japan, 901-1304

    There is a new (3-years old) marina on the SE coast of Okinawa Island. They have finger docks that can accommodate boats up to about 75’... Read More