Marshall Islands search results for: Businesses

  • Air Marshall Islands

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Bako Divers

    Address: Brian on SV Wildside, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    A full-service dive shop that provides air fills, gear rentals, dive packages, snorkel trips, lagoon tours, fishing charters and more....... Read More
  • Central Pacific Maritime Agency

    Address: P.O. Box 1, RMI, Majuro , Marshall Islands, 96960

    Tel:(692) 625-3250/4744 Fax:(692) 625-3505/3783 Can act as yacht agents....... Read More
  • Chief of Immigration – Marshall Islands

    Address: Marshall Islands Government, P.O. Box 890, Majuro, Marshall Islands, 96960

    Apply here for a visa in advance. There are also consulates in Honolulu and Washington DC....... Read More
  • Continental Airlines Micronesia

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Services to Majuro and Kwajalein on its Island Hopper Route with three weekly flights originating from Guam (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), and three weekly flights... Read More
  • Customs – Majuro

    Address: Marshall Islands,

  • Customs Office
    Open Monday-Friday...... Read More
  • Customs Office – Marshall Islands

    Address: 1st Floor, Government Building, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Customs Office – Marshall Islands
    Opening hours: Monday – Friday...... Read More
  • DHL Couriers

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    PII Office Contact Charles....... Read More
  • Dr. Alex Pinano

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Private clinic....... Read More
  • Hospital Emergency Room

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Immigration – Majuro

    Address: 5th Floor, 5 story green building near MIR, Marshall Islands,

  • Immigration Office – Marshall Islands

    Address: 5th Floor, 5 story green building near MIR, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Island Radio

    Address: Jeirok, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Contact Laura, HF radios....... Read More
  • Majuro Computer Services

    Address: (located above Ace One Stop), Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Tel:625-COMP Computers, Accessories and service....... Read More
  • Marshall Islands Visitors Authority

    Address: PO Box 5, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Tel:(692) 625-MIVA Fax:(692) 625-6771...... Read More
  • Matt Holly

    Address: South Field Moorings, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Mieco Beach Yacht Club

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    This club was formed in 2004 to provide an entertainment center for visiting yachts and to attract more yachts to the wonderful waters of the... Read More
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Address: 2nd Floor, Local Government Office, (next to Mobil Oil tank farm), Marshall Islands,

    Apply here for permits to visit the outer islands....... Read More
  • National Tidal Facility

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    This link contains tide predictions for Majuro....... Read More
  • NTA (National Telecommunications Authority)

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Internet cafe 10 computers. Pay for time used. Also WiFi....... Read More
  • Pacific International Inc. (PII)

    Address: Delap commercial harbour, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Able to haul out up to 65 tons using a crane. Send inquiries to Kenneth Kramer....... Read More
  • Port Authority – Majuro

    Address: Delap Dock, (commercial dock on S side of the harbour), Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • Rongelap Atoll Visitor Authority

    Address: Box 1469, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

  • RRE

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Moorings (north mooring field). Dinghy Dock on the shore facing the north mooring field. This along with garbage disposal is included in all RRE moorings... Read More
  • RRE – Majuro

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Internet cafe Purchase time from the hotel desk....... Read More
  • Shoreline – Majuro

    Address: (by the RRE hotel), Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Dinghy landing, bar, laundry....... Read More
  • Tourist Trap

    Address: Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Office supplies and internet access....... Read More
  • TSL Enterprises

    Address: 3rd Floor Green 5 story building, Majuro, Marshall Islands,

    Computer supplies and help....... Read More