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  • Flora Flotilla: Cruise the South Coast of Hispaniola and help Haiti‚Äôs Homeless

    Date Published - April 02, 2012

    Frank Virgintino (author of Free Cruising Guides) working together with Sister Flora Blanchette of the L’ouvre Saint Francois orphanage and school on Ile a Vache,... Read More
  • Caribbean: National, Regional and Island Weather Websites and Reports

    Date Published - January 08, 2019

    Report listing weather websites and forecasting services. As reported by the Caribbean Compass. Caribbean National, Regional and Island Weather Websites • ABCs Weather Radar: www.meteo.cw/rad_loop.php... Read More
  • A visit to Isle a Vache, Haiti: Nov 2017

    Date Published - November 24, 2017

    An informative report on Isle a Vache. A slow 3 1/2 day downwind run from Bonaire brought Scratch, my Sundeer 56, to Isle Vache off... Read More
  • Don’t Miss the DR!

    Date Published - April 24, 2009

    Sent by Jill Hearne who sails a Formosa 46. This year we have enjoyed a cultural tour of the Caribbean between Key West and Puerto... Read More
  • Cruising Report On Dominican Republic

    Date Published - July 16, 2007

    Sailing up from the Caribbean islands, going west to Jamaica and Honduras, we decided to visit the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. The first... Read More
  • Panama to Windward Islands

    Date Published - May 15, 2009

    14 May 2008 I have been trying to get some information on the least aggravating route to get from Panama to say Jamaica or better... Read More
  • Cruisers Report on Jamaica

    Date Published - April 08, 2015

    New Years Eve in Jamaica We spent New Year’s Eve in Kingston Harbour right in front of the Royal Yacht Club. In fact, we were... Read More
  • North Coast: Entering the Bay of Falmouth

    Date Published - January 02, 2013

    Only accessible for yachts with a draft less than 1m. We wanted to inform other cruisers about the entrance of the Bay of Falmouth, on... Read More
  • Clearance in Kingston

    Date Published - May 10, 2012

    We sailed to the Royal Jamaican Yacht Club in Kingston Jamaica in mid-April 2012 and would like to add some comments. We were informed by... Read More
  • Recent Visit to Jamaica

    Date Published - June 07, 2010

    Sent by Frank Virgintino, author of the DR Cruising Guide. I have just returned from Jamaica, having spent a month cruising the entire island, and... Read More
  • North Coast of Jamaica

    Date Published - May 06, 2010

    Sent by Michelle Fleming S/V Bonanza In March 2010, Bonanza transited the north coast of Jamaica from east to west. We stopped in Port Antonio,... Read More
  • Tropical Season 2020: What will this Tropical Season bring, where can I go, and when and how might I try to get there?

    Date Published - April 13, 2020

    Officially, Hurricane season for the Atlantic North of the Equator begins June 1, and ends November 30. Cruisers currently stuck in the Caribbean basin due... Read More
  • Caribbean Bound 2020/21 – Yachting Protocols

    Date Published - November 23, 2020

    New protocols due to COVID-19 which are constantly changing make moving between countries in the Caribbean this cruising season a complicated task. Find out what... Read More
  • Caribbean Safety and Security Net Annual Report 2019: Reported Yacht Crime in the Caribbean

    Date Published - December 30, 2020

    CSSN have published their annual report for 2019, a year which reflects the highest number of reported crimes against yachts in the Caribbean, up substantially... Read More
  • Medical Insurance for Caribbean Cruisers

    Date Published - March 12, 2021

    This article by David Lyman was published in Caribbean Compass Magazine in January 2021. Experienced cruiser David shares what he learnt about medical insurance options... Read More
  • Caribbean: Hurricane Season is Here

    Date Published - June 09, 2021

    The 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season officially started on June 1, although one tropical storm – Ana – has already been named and formed earlier than... Read More
  • Caribbean: CSSN Annual Report for 2020 Shows Decrease in Crimes against Yachts

    Date Published - November 01, 2021

    The CSSN annual report for 2020 provides details and analysis of reported yacht crimes in the Caribbean for 2020 and with the Covid backdrop evident... Read More