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  • Piracy & Security Incident Reports 2016

    Contents Please note that whilst these pages are grouped under “Piracy”, they, in fact, relate to yacht security (in some cases piracy) and include reports... Read More
  • SSCA Net from Nova Scotia to South America: Volunteer Net Controllers Needed

    SSCA Cruisers Net SSB The key to success on all HF radio nets is relay stations. In particular, the Waterway Radio & Cruising Club Net... Read More
  • Summary of Security & Piracy Reports 2016

    CARIBBEAN Antigua Antigua, Jolly Harbour Marina: Burgled whilst on the hard – November 2016 Antigua, Jolly Harbour Boatyard: Burglary while owners absent – December 2016... Read More
  • Wider Caribbean’s Marine Protected Areas (CaMPAM)

    A useful database of MPAs in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean region. All Marine Parks are MPAs, and therefore if wanting to find out... Read More