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  • Aquarius Repuestos

    Address: (downtown), Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Light blubs etc....... Read More
  • Auto Repuestos Chavez

    Address: On Calle Ascazubi between the Malecon and Bolivar, Puerto Amistad, Ecuador,

    On Calle Ascazubi between the Malecon and Bolivar Hardware Stores – Roberto Chavez speaks good English...... Read More
  • CarVIP

    Address: Hotel Valdivia, (a few blocks from PLYC), Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Tel:(Guayaquil) 2 304 304 / (La Libertad) 2 775 144 A good deal at $10/person (2007) to Guayaquil or airport (during the day)....... Read More
  • Clinica Kennedy

    Address: Guayaquil, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

  • Dentist – PuertoLucia

    Address: Dr Hugo Palacio, CC Olympo building opposite the bus station, LaLibertad, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Speaks limited English....... Read More
  • Dentist – Puerto Lucia

    Address: Dr Medardo Roman Piedrahita, Centro Medico Cedipe, Cdla, Guayaquil, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,


    Address: (Direccion Nacional de Espacios Aquaticos), Ecuador,

    (Direccion Nacional de Espacios Aquaticos) DIRNEA has information on SITRAME in Spanish and English on its website. SITRAME (Sistema de Información de Tráfico Marítimo) is... Read More
  • Dra Berthalina Ardrade de Viteri (dentist)

    Address: Leonidas Plaza at Calle Espana and Esmeraldas, Puerto Amistad, Ecuador,

    Dentist...... Read More
  • Ferrisariato

    Address: in the HyperMarket at El Paseo, Puerto Lucia (La Libertad), Ecuador,

    Good range of hardware and marine ply....... Read More
  • Guayaquil Yacht Club

    Address: Guayaquil, Ecuador,

    The club has a pontoon with electricity and water and welcomes visitors. WiFi, restaurant, bar, pool, tennis courts etc. This is a private members’ club....... Read More
  • Hospital Alcivar La Peninsula

    Address: opposite El Paseo, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Ambulance service and trauma centre. A helpful pharmacist....... Read More
  • Industrial Anabra

    Address: General Cordova 81OP, 19 Of 1 Guayaquil, Guayaquil, Ecuador,

  • Internet Cafes – Puerto Lucia

    Address: The nearest is Telco Net in the El Paseo shopping mall., Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    The nearest is Telco Net in the El Paseo shopping mall. There are several others in La Libertad Centro....... Read More
  • Lenny Franco

    Address: Leonides Plaza, Puerto Amistad, Ecuador,

    Outboard Motors – deal with Lenny direct...... Read More
  • Maderera Tungurahua

    Address: Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Hardwoods, including teak....... Read More
  • Manta Yacht Club

    Address: Manta, Ecuador,

    For a small fee, visitors can use one of a limited number of buoys or tie up to the pier. It is also possible to... Read More
  • MRCC Ecuador (Guardacostas)

    Address: Ecuador,

    Search & Rescue Ecuador Alternate email addresses: [email protected] or [email protected] Read More
  • Optical Centre

    Address: Avenue de 9 Octubre, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Avenue de 9 Octubre, (past CLP, on the same site)...... Read More
  • Optica Sanchez (optician)

    Address: Cuenca, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Very modern and professional and excellent value....... Read More
  • Port Captain – Puerto Amistad

    Address: Bahía de Caráquez, Manabi, Puerto Amistad, Ecuador,

    Malecon Alberto Santos...... Read More
  • Post Office – Puerto Lucia

    Address: Correo del Ecuador (CDE), one block from the Miramar Hotel, Salinas, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Correo del Ecuador (CDE), one block from the Miramar Hotel, Salinas No CDE in LaLibertad....... Read More
  • Puerto Amistad

    Address: Bahia de Caraquez, Puerto Amistad, Ecuador,

    Approximately 20 moorings available. Current (2020) fees are $350 per month and the Anchorage is $180 per month. This includes 24 hour security patrols and dinghy dock... Read More
  • Puerto Lucia Yacht Club

    Address: Avenida Puerto Lucia junto al Mar, La Libertad, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Private yacht club with a public marina (150 berths) and helpful staff. Marina users can use some of the services (restaurant, bar, laundry, ice, fax,... Read More
  • Repuestos MG

    Address: top of Calle Guayaquil, LaLibertad, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    top of Calle Guayaquil, LaLibertad Bike parts and repairs....... Read More
  • Sailing Green Coconut Run
    A young cooperative group of ecologists and adventure lovers who left their homeport of Santa Barbara, CA on March 2015 on a voyage aboard the... Read More
  • Solis

    Address: Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    3 stores, including a metal store, all close together....... Read More
  • Stewart Yachts & Services (Stewart Yates & Servicios)

    Address: Balcones de Carolina C1, Puerto Lucia Yacht Club, Salinas, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    A full-service boatyard located in Puerto Lucia Yacht Club, in business for over 15 years. Offer range of repair services. 50-ton travel lift and hard... Read More
  • Taller Emergencia

    Address: next to El Paceo mall, Puerto Lucia, Ecuador,

    Welding services. Also ‘house’ calls, but agree a price first....... Read More
  • VG Electronica

    Address: Edif. Teneco, Local 2. Cordova 606 y Mendiburo, P.O. Box 09-01-11652, South America, Guayaquil, Hawaii,

    Full service for Marine Electronics Equipment, Generators, Solar & Wind Energy Systems, Telecommunications (HF, VHF, Satellite), GMDSS Systems, Epirbs & Sarts. They attend all Ecuadorian... Read More