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  • UK Channel: Dismasted yacht gets a helping hand from Brittany Ferries

    Date Published - April 16, 2015

    A dismasted yacht in the Channel had a bit of luck on Sunday after passengers on board a Brittany Ferries ship noticed the vessel was... Read More
  • Indian Ocean, Cocos Keeling to Mauritius: World ARC Yacht Dismasted

    Date Published - October 12, 2019

    ...the start of WARC2019 in Saint Lucia Babsea Dismasted – Continuing to Mauritius World Cruising Club, Saturday 12 October: World ARC yacht Babsea, a Nautitech... Read More
  • Atlantic: Abandoned Dismasted Yacht Salvaged Eight Months Later

    Date Published - January 25, 2021

    ...the USCG Rescue Coordination Center, Miami, FL asked assistance in identifying a dismasted, unoccupied, and adrift sailing vessel located in position 25-57.7N / 075-01.8W,... Read More
  • North Atlantic Storm: Yachts dismasted and sunk in the OSTAR and TWOSTAR shorthanded transaltantic race

    Date Published - June 09, 2017

    One yacht has sunk, another has been dismasted and two crews have been rescued in the North Atlantic after crews in the OSTAR and OSTAR... Read More
  • Report: Dismasted Mid-Atlantic

    Date Published - June 09, 2008

    A PDF of the report Dismasted Mid Atlantic, can be accessed via the World Cruising Club website....... Read More
  • Yacht dismasted by one ship, saved by another

    Date Published - October 26, 2009

    ...ago off the coast of North Carolina after a collision with a tanker which didn’t stop. Their dismasted yacht, floundering in nine-foot waves, was sighted... Read More
  • Azores to UK: Clyde Challenger dismasted – crew rescued

    Date Published - February 16, 2017

    ...recovering from their ordeal after they were rescued when the yacht dismasted and lost its rudder around 400 nautical miles west-south-west of Cape Finisterre. The... Read More
  • Lisa Blair: Dismasted in the Southern Ocean

    Date Published - April 05, 2017

    Lisa Blair was aiming to circumnavigate Antarctica: solo, non-stop and unassisted. Sadly her record attempt came to an end three days ago when she was... Read More
  • Southern Indian Ocean Rescue: Yacht dismasted

    Date Published - March 19, 2017

    ...crew. The three male crew members of the Jedi 1 confirmed their yacht had been dismasted and their intention to abandon the stricken vessel. Given... Read More
  • North Atlantic Mayday: Dismasted 230nm southwest of Iceland

    Date Published - August 01, 2017

    A retired teacher and two others were rescued by the Icelandic Coast Guard after a storm rolled their sailboat in near-freezing temperatures near Iceland. Piersol... Read More
  • Malta to Greece: Collision at night on the Ionian Sea

    Date Published - July 05, 2017

    A cruising yacht was struck and dismasted by an unlit boat at night off the coast of Greece. This information was passed on to noonsite... Read More
  • Australia: Overturned vessel identified as Wild Eyes

    Date Published - January 02, 2019

    Eight years after being dismasted and abandoned Abby Sunderland’s yacht is found. On New Year’s Eve, an overturned vessel was spotted off the coast of... Read More
  • South of Tasmania: French Single Hander Rescued after 3 Days in a Liferaft

    Date Published - January 24, 2013

    Alain Delord, French solo sailor attempting a circumnavigation in his A35 yacht Tchouk Tchouk Nougat, was dismasted some 400 nm south of Tasmania in the... Read More
  • UK: Man rescued from trimaran off Portland after 11-hour search

    Date Published - October 06, 2014

    A SAILOR was rescued from a dismasted trimaran following an 11-hour-search. Report by the Dorset Echo. Read full report at A huge search and... Read More
  • Italy: Wrecked yacht removed from Rimini harbour as investigations continue

    Date Published - April 26, 2017

    ...would have been in,” he told the newspaper. The incident resulted in Dipiù grounding on the breakwater, losing its keel and capsizing before the yacht... Read More
  • Yacht Abandoned off New Zealand

    Date Published - July 21, 2010

    ...New Zealand will need to be aware of a floating dismasted yacht after two Dutch sailors were winched off their boat this week. There is... Read More
  • A Dedication to Long-Distance Cruiser Jerry Flint of “Jolini”

    Date Published - October 24, 2019

    ...being holed and dismasted. Without power and with a damaged, unserviceable, engine they could no longer make way and had to abandon ship. Just 175... Read More
  • Sailor drowned, two lost for 12 days, no EPIRB

    Date Published - December 02, 2010 worry if you don’t hear from us”, and the lack of an EPIRB. One sailor’s life was lost, the ketch was dismasted and the... Read More
  • Lessons we learnt in Colombia

    Date Published - April 18, 2011 day difference gave them a very unpleasant experience getting to Santa Marta the day after us. A boat arrived in Cartagena this morning dismasted... Read More
  • Overcharged and Threatened in the Galapagos – San Cristobal

    Date Published - August 23, 2009

    ...was despicable towards the British couple. My husband and I went over to the British couple to lend support when they arrived dismasted. They were... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – Patrick and Rebecca Childress

    Date Published - June 14, 2017

    ...Channel, South Africa….2019 – Atlantic Crossing. Scariest day on the water: When we dismasted, not because of the actual event, but because I was scared... Read More
  • ARC 2016 comes to a close in Saint Lucia

    Date Published - December 18, 2016

    ...up the crew of dismasted yacht Minerva, then sail them back to Saint Lucia so that the crew could finish their ARC by crossing the... Read More
  • Figueira da Foz

    ...and dangerous. Boats have been rolled and dismasted trying to do the same. Boats that do enter the port when it is officially closed will... Read More
  • Colombia Cruising Notes

    Date Published - January 29, 2013

    ...yacht that left a week after us from Boco del Toros was dismasted. This is definitely a passage to pick a good weather window for... Read More
  • Australia: Air Canada crew & passengers help locate stranded yacht

    Date Published - October 17, 2012

    Single-handed yacht dismasted 275nm from Sydney – two flights en-route to Sydney asked by AMSA to assist with their search. Passengers and crew aboard an... Read More
  • Portrait of a Cruiser – David Frost and Kris Adams of SY Taipan

    Date Published - October 17, 2017 2002 from Fremantle, without checking the forecast. We believed the rally would not be leaving into bad weather. How wrong we were. Several boats... Read More
  • Kephalonia

    ...The vessel did not stop and the yacht was dismasted and badly damaged. Yachts should navigate with great care and vigilance at night in these... Read More
  • Mindelo (Sao Vicente), so almost everything (food-wise) is available in town. Clearing in (coming from Sal) and out went very smoothly (5 euros for clearing out). Data... Read More
  • Retreat from Paradise

    Date Published - December 28, 2020 was dismasted during transport). Second, there were the yachts that were held in months-long quarantine in Maldives, deprived of food, medical assistance and a... Read More