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  • United Kingdom: The possible effects of a no deal Brexit

    Date Published - October 28, 2019 valid for 4 months. Related Content RYA: Brexit Guidance is Updated for Recreational Boaters Keeping your Yacht in Greece after Brexit: A Simplified View... Read More
  • UK – Brexit: RYA Holds Talks with Government Officials on Border Controls

    Date Published - July 04, 2019

    ...try and stop it happening. In preparation for a possible no-deal Brexit in the autumn, RYA has prepared a Brexit Q&A considering a number of... Read More
  • UK: VAT and Customs Clarification for Recreational Boaters Post Brexit

    Date Published - April 26, 2021

    ...2020) Brexit: VAT on boats outside the UK – Urgent Update (CA 5 October 2020) Keeping your Yacht in Greece after Brexit: A Simplified View... Read More
  • Brexit Issues for Cruising Sailors: CA Webinar now available to the public

    Date Published - December 15, 2020

    ...have been addressed in a recently held Brexit Special Webinar entitled “Brexit Issues for Cruisers”, the contents of which was researched and presented by members... Read More
  • UK RYA: What will Brexit mean for Boating?

    Date Published - April 06, 2017

    With Article 50 finally triggered, some nine months after the historic Brexit vote, the RYA ask what happens now? Royal Assent was given to the... Read More
  • UK – Brexit: Confusion reigns for UK boats based in the EU

    Date Published - May 03, 2019

    ...for clarification on these issues. Useful Links: Brexit: RYA update on status of vessels lying in the EU27 at the time of Brexit in the... Read More
  • Keeping your Yacht in Greece after Brexit: A Simplified View

    Date Published - June 01, 2020

    Chris Robb of the Cruising Association (CA) simplifies the rules for UK nationals who want to keep their boat in Greece post-Brexit. Section 1: EU27... Read More
  • UK: 900,000 UK Boaters Set To Be Hit By Post-Brexit Travel Rules

    Date Published - October 13, 2020

    ...after the Brexit transition period. RYA calls on Government to seek reciprocal visa arrangements in EU negotiations. Almost 900,000 UK boaters are due to be... Read More
  • EU: Cruising Association Hosts Brexit Seminar

    Date Published - February 01, 2022

    The Cruising Association hosted a Brexit Webinar for members on Saturday 22 January 2022, which is now published for public viewing amongst the wider cruising... Read More
  • What changes for British yachts sailing abroad, post Brexit?

    Date Published - November 05, 2017

    The Cruising Association’s Regulations and Technical experts team have been looking into the possibilities regarding British yachts sailing abroad, post-Brexit. From discussion with EC Brussels... Read More
  • Greece: Important Post-Brexit Regulations

    Date Published - February 19, 2021

    ...and 90 in 180 days Visa. This is on-going having started late due to the delay of the Brexit Agreement. Sources within the AADE say... Read More
  • UK: RYA and British Marine Challenge HMRC’S Post-Brexit Plans for Private Pleasure Craft

    Date Published - February 25, 2021

    ...See here for other Brexit news on Noonsite. About the RYA The RYA has over 100,000 personal members and 1,500 affiliated clubs and classes, which... Read More
  • UK Boat Owners Left Stranded in Europe due to Government Inaction

    Date Published - October 01, 2020

    ...marine industry for Government guidance and transitional arrangements on post-Brexit customs and VAT issues increases, as end of transition period looms. RYA and British Marine... Read More
  • Cruising Europe: UK Boat Owners Caught in a “Perfect Storm”

    Date Published - February 11, 2021

    ...Visa Campaign for UK Boaters in Europe (25 February, 2021) Marine Industry News Cruising Association Brexit Issues for Cruising Sailors: CA Webinar now available to... Read More
  • UK: Boat Owners to Benefit from Extension to Returned Goods Relief Grace Period

    Date Published - March 29, 2021 Greece after Brexit: A Simplified View (June 2020) United Kingdom: The possible effects of a no deal Brexit (October 2019) UK – Brexit: RYA... Read More
  • Mediterranean Bound? Some Useful Noonsite Articles and Links

    ...Turkey: Applying for a Short Term Residency Permit The European Union: Schengen Area, Import Duty, VAT etc. and associated news Tunisia: A Five-Star Schengen Bolthole... Read More
  • Gibraltar

    COVID-19: Entry protocols for yachts have been affected by the pandemic. See the Biosecurity section for details. Britain’s post-Brexit transition phase ended on January 1,... Read More
  • UK: CA 180-Day Visa Campaign for UK Boaters in Europe

    Date Published - February 25, 2021

    ...Post-Brexit Plans for Private Pleasure Craft (25 February, 2021) Cruising Europe: UK Boat Owners Caught in a “Perfect Storm” (11 February, 2021) See here for... Read More
  • Greece: Costly Misinterpretation of EU Law

    Date Published - May 24, 2021

    ...foreign tourists to visit, misinterpretation of EU Brexit directives by the Greece’s AADE (Independent Authority for Public Revenue) puts income estimated at tens of millions... Read More
  • France, Belgium, Netherlands: Essential Knowledge on Ports of Entry

    Date Published - April 28, 2019

    By Val Ellis – Apr 16, 2019 With Brexit likely to happen in the near future, UK Skippers planning on visiting European waters this season... Read More
  • Greece be at my yacht in December prior to Brexit as proof of being there or will the yard contract be sufficient? Regards Phil. S/Y... Read More
  • Cruising in Europe: Learning to be Flexible

    Date Published - April 09, 2022

    ...understand Schengen and the trials and tribulations of Brexit was a bit of a minefield! We spent long hours researching the best places to visit... Read More
  • Mediterranean: Coping with Schengen Schenanigans

    Date Published - October 10, 2021

    Doing the “Schengen Shuffle” is a well-known dance that non-EU cruisers have to deal with when cruising Europe and the Med. Following Brexit, this is... Read More
  • European Regulation on the movement of pet animals

    Note that post-Brexit, it is likely that UK pets will require a rabies vaccination followed by a blood test a minimum of 30 days afterwards.... Read More
  • World Cruising Routes

    ...routes. This new, fully revised and updated 9th edition assesses how changes around the world (including Brexit and Covid) have affected cruising routes and how... Read More
  • English Channel: 14 Migrants Caught Attempting to Cross Channel on Stolen Trawler

    Date Published - January 10, 2019

    ...ploy to drum up support for Prime Minister Theresa May’s controversial Brexit plan. The agreement – the product of months of negotiations with Brussels –... Read More
  • UK: Cruising Association Announces Update on VAT Rules for UK Boat Owners

    Date Published - January 11, 2022

    ...members and invited media only. Afterwards a recording of the webinar will be made publicly available on the CA website. This webinar is a follow-up... Read More
  • French Polynesia

    ...fact that Britain is still in the EU. Apparently, this new regulation is in preparation for Brexit! Data Entry5 Noonsite has written to the Immigration... Read More
  • Spain

    ...ianw MASS EXODUS OF BRITISH YACHTS FROM THE BALEARICS British qualified cruise ship captains are also at threat Brexit is threatening to sink the British... Read More
  • Greek Permit to Cruise for EU Flagged vessels– DEKPA – UPDATE

    Date Published - May 25, 2017

    ...Is it too early to speculate what Brexit will mean to UK-registered boats and crew? Data Entry5 So far this is the only speculation we... Read More
  • Montenegro in several ways - maybe more so once the effect of Brexit on British registered yachts becomes clear. Anyone requiring more local information feel... Read More
  • United Kingdom

    ...Cruisers Brexit Knowledge/Advice by the RYA Cruising after Brexit and sailing in Europe / YM ARRIVAL FORMALITIES Anybody sailing to or from the UK should... Read More
  • UK: New Entry Process for Boats Visiting France

    Date Published - May 13, 2021

    ...of the Cruising Association, through its local representatives, cruising to France easier, post-Brexit should now be much easier. Two of the Cruising Association’s Honorary Local... Read More
  • UK: The RYA asks recreational boaters for input on Schengen discussions

    Date Published - August 12, 2020 the survey will be found via the RYA website: If you have any questions about the survey or require further information on Brexit,... Read More
  • Greece: News From the CA on VAT Status and the Transit Log for UK Yachts

    Date Published - March 09, 2021

    ...Website on the 1st March 2021. Find out more about the Cruising Association (CA) and how you can become a member at Related News:... Read More
  • UK: New Online Reporting System for Arriving and Departing Sailors

    Date Published - April 15, 2021

    ...from the website later this year, and will replace the existing C1331 check-in/check-out system, according to a report by Yachting Monthly. Since the end... Read More
  • UK: Changes to VAT Rules for UK Boat Owners Become Law

    Date Published - March 03, 2022

    ...and Customs Clarification for Recreational Boaters Post-Brexit (Noonsite April 2021) Update on EU and UK Tariffs on US Cruising Yachts (Noonsite July 2021) ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… Related... Read More
  • Ria De Ribadeo

    ...(blue building) along the shore, although Brexit has hiked the prices! Swell from the north effects all anchoring and has a slight effect in the... Read More
  • Turkey

    ALERT [March 2022]: Turkey has formally invoked its authority to close the Dardanelles and the Bosporus to foreign warships restricting the movements of vessels into... Read More