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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Zero Boat Tax Becomes Reality For Thailand (01 Mar 2004)

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Just a couple of weeks after industry sources predicted it would come into play, the Thai government has enacted new ... (Read more)

Protest Against Controversial Local Fees in Phuket (02 Feb 2004)

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The authorities have reintroduced controversial local council fees for yachts checking into Phuket. No on-shore facilities (eg garbage collection for ... (Read more)

Cruising News from the southern Caribbean (03 Nov 2003)

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By Lilly Vedana and Thomas Müller, s/v MizMae General With the current hurricane season at its end, many boats are ... (Read more)

Bundaberg Set to Become Australia's Favourite Cruising Destination (01 Nov 2003)

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Bundaberg Port Marina The fairest-weather route to Australia from the South Pacific islands arcs north of New Caledonia, through the ... (Read more)

French Yacht Completes First Polar Circumnavigation (01 Oct 2003)

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Nuuk, Greenland, 23rd September 2003, While crossing the Davis Strait on 20th of September, the yacht Vagabond reached the Labrador ... (Read more)

Ecuador’s Puerto Lucia Provides A Perfect Base En Route to the South Seas (05 Sep 2003)

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Like many other sailors planning to start a South Pacific voyage at the most favourable time I had been looking ... (Read more)

Warning to Sailors Visiting Suwarrow Atoll in South Pacific (31 Jul 2003)

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This isolated and uninhabited atoll in the Northern Cook Islands (located at 13°15'S, 163°06'W) has been for many years a ... (Read more)

Yachts Can Fly Blue Flags (22 Jun 2003)

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The small individual Blue Flag can be awarded to interested boat owners/users wanting to contribute to the Blue Flag Campaign. ... (Read more)

Turkey - Security Not A Concern (21 Apr 2003)

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In view of recent world events, Noonsite has received several queries from sailors concerning the security situation in various parts ... (Read more)

Free weather service for yachts transiting the Red Sea (12 Apr 2003)

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A transit of the Red Sea has previously had to be made without access to accurate weather information, making the ... (Read more)