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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Hurricane Bertha Strengthens Over Atlantic East of Caribbean (08 Jul 2008)

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Powerful Bertha, the first hurricane of the 2008 season, is maintaining major hurricane status, according to the National Hurricane Centre ... (Read more)

British Virgin Islands: Major New Fees for Visiting Yachts (03 Jul 2008)

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There has been widespread confusion of late over news of a new law, introduced by the BVI government, who intend ... (Read more)

Noonsite Updates (03 Jul 2008)

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Dear Readers, At we take pride in providing clear and accurate information. As such we are currently in the ... (Read more)

Marshall Islands: Super Yacht Saves Stranded Cruising Family (03 Jul 2008)

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As reported on . A cruising sailing family stranded aboard their grounded yacht on an atoll in the remote ... (Read more)

Somali Pirates Double Ransom (03 Jul 2008)

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It was widely reported yesterday that Somali pirates who seized four cruising sailors on June 23 – a German couple, ... (Read more)

Four Days Later and Pirates Demand $1M (27 Jun 2008)

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The ordeal continues for the German couple who were kidnapped from their yacht last Monday after running out of fuel ... (Read more)

FLORIDA – Skipper arrested for Anchoring for more than 10 days (26 Jun 2008)

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Cruising Compass report today that the City of Stuart, FL, have apologised to Vincent Sibilla after he was arrested for ... (Read more)

Update to Sailing Family Siezed by Pirates (26 Jun 2008)

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As reported on & It is now clear that this hostage situation, which occurred early Monday morning, in ... (Read more)

INDIA: Rising Boat Sales Means a Need for Marinas (25 Jun 2008)

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As reported in Marine Business News India has 7,600km of coastline, warm weather, a booming economy and projections of a ... (Read more)

Tropical Storm Warning Philippines (20 Jun 2008)

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TROPICAL STORM WARNING Received from Puerto Galera Yacht Club, the Cruising Yacht Club of the Philippines. A Typhoon, 07W FENGSHEN, ... (Read more)