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Fiji, Kadavu, Daku Village Recommendation

By doina — last modified Feb 24, 2006 01:37 PM

Published: 2006-02-24 13:37:47
Countries: Fiji

Vinaka to the people of Daku Village

What a pleasure it was for us to visit the village of Daku!

We were so happy with the warm welcome that we received at Epi (village spokesman) & Kata’s home, where we also met their family, Mariah and Elizabeth. The invitation to attend the church service and Epi’s kind words were much appreciated. The singing was beautiful. Then we sat around the “real” kava bowl with villagers (and the kava champion) to develop our kava technique and taste for grog.

It was a pleasure to wake up each morning in Daku Bay to the sound of the whistling dove and the singing of the children on their way to school. The children and other people of the village were so friendly that we felt like honored guests.

The highlight of our visit was the eco-tour lead so professionally by Epi. We learned so much about Kadavu plant, animal & bird life and we “city folk” were amazed by the wide variety of food growing through the plantation. Our guide made the hike both informative and interesting (and kept to a pace that we could keep up with). The hike ended at the marine reserve beach where we found Kata with a lovely picnic all ready for the tired hikers. It was truly the one of our favorite experiences anywhere in our travels.

We will treasure the Tapa cloth created by Kata – we plan to share it with our family as Christmas gifts. She is a talented artist! The next evening we shared dinner and had more kava "practice" at Epi & Kata’s home.

The vegetables, ginger and coffee grown by the village kept us company all the way on our voyage to New Zealand and remind us of our good friends at Daku.

We recommend to any cruisers visiting Fiji that they stop in at Daku Bay. The anchorage is well protected and good holding.

Joanne and Charles

Sailing Vessel Red Sky

September 2005

See Daku Bay Page for more information.

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