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North Sails: How their new sailcloth Radian can work for cruisers

By North Sails UK — last modified Sep 04, 2013 02:06 PM
Starting with a now patent-protected concept, a clean slate, and a healthy dose of patience during over three years of trials, North Cloth has combined unique materials and a novel manufacturing process to create Radian... the first warp-oriented polyester sailcloth in the industry suitable for radial panel layouts. The clear benefit of radial panel layouts can now be applied to a whole new class of cruising and one-design sails.

Published: 2013-09-01 23:00:00
Topics: Equipment
Countries: Canary Islands , United Kingdom , Spain

North Sails: How their new sailcloth Radian can work for cruisers

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What does Radian mean to you? Now you can buy a load-aligned radial sail that performs better and holds its shape longer without sacrificing the easy handling and mildew resistance of woven sailcloth.

North Sails UK were asked to produce a new Fully Battened Mainsail and Furling Genoa for Nakita, a beautifully maintained Beneteau Oceanis 57 based in the Mediterranean during the summer. Shaun Beverly who owns Nakita wanted a cloth that would last well over the next 5 seasons while on charter and stand up to extended periods of high UV.

North Sails recommend using NorDac Radian™ which has proved itself as durable as traditional cross-cut dacron sails with an extended shape holding ability making it perfect for Nakita's requirements.
NorDac Radian™ is a warp-oriented polyester sailcloth.

Radian uses a unique, patented process to combine low-stretch radial performance with the durability, soft handling and mildew resistance of non-laminated woven polyester. Radian delivers lower stretch and higher performance than any other non-laminated sailcloth. If you’re looking for more from a woven sail... this is big!

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