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Cruisers' Websites


On this page we list interesting cruisers websites and blogs. Some have stopped cruising, but their site still holds alot of very useful information, however the majority are still underway. As well as circumnavigators we cover those cruising in Southern Europe and the Med, Northern Europe, Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, South America and Southern Latitudes, North & Central America and the Caribbean.

If you would like your website or blog listed here, please send an e-mail with details to and we will post it as soon as possible. Please remember to send us updates if your contact details or other information changes, thank you.


For some useful websites with information about cruising with children goto Noonsite/Cruising Information.

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MailAsail Hosted Bloggers
A list of all the boats hosted (with links) and, with some web browsers, there is a world map showing where all bloggers are, just click on the area you are interested in.
SailBlogs Web Journal Hosting
SailBlogs is a website offering the ability for sailors and cruisers to create their own on-line journal (or blog) of their adventure. Membership is free, and members can post text and photos, as well as some personal info (if desired) and favorite links.


10 -Year Circumnavigation Aboard Halekai Completed (2004 - 2014)
Nancy and Burger have sailed around the world in stages aboard Halekai, an Alden 50, since leaving Annapolis, Maryland, USA in 2004. After several seasons in the South Pacific and Southeast Asia, Halekai was shipped from Thailand to Turkey to avoid the pirates in June 2011. They then cruised extensively in the Med (Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain) for two seasons before sailing on to Morocco, the Canary Islands and the Cape Verdes en route to the Caribbean at the end of 2013. After sailing through the Windward Islands and the Bahamas they crossed to Florida in April 2014. They then sailed up the IntraCoastal Waterway to Annapolis, where Halekai is now for sale. Their website contains cruising notes, modifications for world cruising and their medical volunteering experiences in third world countries. They are happy to be contacted and answer questions.

16 years and 125,000 miles of cruising worldwide
Posted May 2013.
Tim and Vicky Jackson from the UK have cruised extensively aboard their yacht Sunstone, and are now "based" in New Zealand. Their website has cruising notes for a number of cruising areas and they are happy to respond to questions from other cruisers.

Around the World with Nine of Cups
(2000 - on going)
David and Marcie on their boat, Nine of Cups have visited a large part of the world, including the Antartic. They are still cruising.

Circumnavigating Eastwards since 2007
Posted June 2014.
The ambition of husband and wife crew Dave and Marie Ungless is to one day complete their sailing circumnavigation of the world west to east against the prevailing winds and currents aboard their yacht Sanna. The adventure so far has included Eritrea, Sudan, Yemen, Borneo, Indonesia, the North and South Pacific, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Hawaii and now onto British Columbia, Alaska and possibly the NW passage.

Circumnavigation (1985-89) & more recently S. Atlantic, Pacific and Japan
2005 - ongoing
Nick and Jenny Coghlan have many years of blue water cruising experience aboard their first boat "Tarka the Otter" and more recently aboard "Bosun Bird". Their latest voyage began in 2005 from Cape Town, across the South Atlantic to Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, the Chilean Channels and into the Pacific. Excellent cruising notes for the Solomon Islands and Japan.

Circumnavigation 2009-2014
Posted December 2012
Rolf Brink & Boukje Klinker are circumnavigating aboard their Amel Super Maramu Helena having departed Amersterdam in 2009. After visiting the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic Ocean, via the Caribbean, Panama, the Galapagos, across the Pacific Ocean to Australia via Polynesia and the equatorial route (Penrhyn, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Solomon Islands). They have finished South East Asia and are currently in Durban South Africa. Onward plans are to head for the Canary Islands - finishing their circumnavigation at the end of 2013. Crew welcome to join, more details on their website.

Circumnavigation Completed
Tom and Nicolette Sampson completed their circumnavigation in 2012. Their website has all the details of their journey plus 100's of photos. Well worth a look.

Circumnavigation Just Started
Posted November 2012
Johanna and Lutz started their circumnavigation in March this year from Kappeln in Northern Germany. Currently in La Gomera in the Canary Islands, they will be sailing across the Atlantic to Guyana in early December. They usually sail for three months and then go back home to Berlin to work for the same length of time.Of German nationality, their home port is Kappeln/Germany and their boat is a Dehler 38 from 1987. Their website is in German and they have dedicated their voyage to the German Cancer Research association and collect money for them.

Circumnavigation in an Ovni
This blog covers a circumnavigation performed with the Blue Water Rally in 2007/09, with a lot of info. concerning the preparation of the boat, and in more recent times, the restoration project of an aging aluminium lifting-keeler (Ovni), hopefully soon to be used for cruising in the Med and bejond. Blog in Italian and English.

Circumnavigation via Tiera del Fuego and Red Sea
Started April 2011. Entry posted April 2013
Pavel started his voyage in April 2011 (Kos/Greece) and then went through Med, Atlantic via Cape Verde to Tiera del Fuego, Easter Island, Polynesia, Thailand, India. Now transiting the Red Sea to complete his circumnavigation. His routing with position reports can be seen via the weblink, callsign: ok1bd. Pavel has been sailing short handed on his Nauticat 515 "Lavinia" all the time with over 33,000 miles behind him.

Circumnavigation: 13 years and counting . . .
Posted April 2014.
SV Mokisha left the U.S. in 2001 and are taking their time! Their journey this season has been long - about 6,000 miles. After leaving the Solomon's in March 2013, Mokisha cruised to PNG, Indonesia with the rally, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Andaman's & back again and are now hauled out in Langkawi & heading home for the monsoon season. Their plan is to stay in SE Asia for 3 to 5 years.

Cygnus III - Circumnavigating (Slowly)
Posted March 2014.
In 2011, the Mark & Angelina Roope sold everything, bought an Oyster '45 and sailed off into the sunset from Hull, UK, with their 2 teenage sons (now 18 and 20). Their website has a blog of their journey, maps, links and photos which they hope will help others planning the same. Currently they have sailed Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, around Spain, Balearics, Sardinia and across to Sicily. Plans for this year are Tunisia, Sardinia and Corsica and wintering in Sicily.

Dreamweaver's Circumnavigation
Posted March 2014.
Vincent and Domie left Sète (south of France) in October 2012 on board their Catana 471 for an around the world trip. They are currently in Raïatea (french polynesia), and will sail to west New Zealand this year, visiting on their way the Cook islands, Tonga, Wallis, Futuna and Fiji. They expect to reach Phuket in Thaïland by the end of 2015, and potentially join the Blue Planet Odyssey for the Indian Ocean and Altantic crossing on their way back to France.

Mad Dog Voyager Exploring to Inspire
Posted May 2011
Our circumnavigation adventure started on aboard our 40' sloop Mad Dog Voyager in Victoria, BC, Canada and our first destination (starting back in May 2008) was SouthEast Alaska and Glacier Bay National Park - the pilgrimage for Pacific NorthWest cruisers. After being the first vessel to overwinter in Glacier Bay (during winter 2008 - 2009) we've spent the last three years enjoying this general area. Over 800 photos and a number of fantastic, inspiring videos on our website. Our travels are taking us back towards Victoria, BC / Seattle, WA this summer and the jump to the Marqueses either this fall or next spring. Best regards, Dean Barr, The Mad Dogs

Offshore Odysseys
(2007 - ongoing)
An enviromentally aware group which seeks out the more remote places in the world.

Our Life at Sea
(2008 - 2011)
Australian Mark Jensen just completed sailing around the world on his Beneteau 393 "Sea Life". Read about their scrapes with pirates, canals and long passages. currently in Caribbean (winter 2011).

Seven Seas & Seven Summits
(2007 - 2010)
Graham Hoyland is attempting to become the first man to complete a voyage across all the Seven seas and to climb to the top of the Seven summits: a feat that has never been achieved before.

Slow-paced Westward Circumnavigation
2012 ongoing
Hailing from Belgium, 46' ft steel ketch on a slow-paced westward circumnavigation. We are always looking for crew interested in experiencing the cruising lifestyle. Currently in the med travelling east (March 2012). Philipp Bachmann

Solo Circumnavigation
Kirk Little aboard his Alberg 30 "Salsa" is currently in South Africa after successfully crossing both the Pacific and Indian Oceans, preparing to head back to South America and "Tie the knot" this year (2012).

South Africa to Micronesia
(2005 - on-going)
A well designed website showing the travels of 'Bosun Bird', a 27ft sailboat which crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific via the Chilian Canals.

TOPtoTOP Global Climate Expedition
Posted 24 September 2012
We are a Swiss family already cruising since 12 years around the world and made on the trip 4 children. We like to contribute with our blog and encourage more families to try once to go sailing with their kids. Nature is really a great teacher for them and we hope we meet them once in an anchorage and go together for a clean-up? We are currently in Salvador and plan to sail N to go through the NW Passage next August to make it to Alaska to climb our last TOP, Mount McKinley, before heading South again to Antarctica for Mount Vinson.

Tainui: the slowest circumnavigation imaginable
Posted 2 June, 2014
Australian yacht Tainui is 10 years into the slowest circumnavigation imaginable. Her route has been unusual - Sydney to Macquarie Island, NZ, Patagonia, then north to Haiti and Cuba. Then via Labrador, Iceland and Svalbard to Norway. She was the first foreign-flagged vessel to be given permission to sail Russia's inland waterways down the Volga and Don Rivers from the White Sea to Crimea.
Tainui is currently heading for Venice, en route Gibraltar, Canaries and back to Brazil.
John Vallentine

Tales From Twice Around the World
(1992 - 1995 & 2000- 2007)
Beth Leonard & Evans Starzinger's information from their two circumnavigations, articles, destinations etc.

WORLD - Central American Coast - Current onwards
Posted December 2010
We are currently in Panama City, Panama having left Redondo Beach, California USA in 2005 and have been on a west bound voyage ever since. We are working our way up the Central American Coast for the next few months. We will enjoy the cruising season in Mexico and prepare to return to Redondo Beach about mid summer 2011. We will most likely be in Golfito, Costa Rica for the Christmas holidays. Jim, Emma, Phoebe and Drake Mather

World Circumnavigation now Australia
Posted October 2013.
Jack and Jude are now on their second circumnavigation of Australia after raising two children afloat while circumnavigating the world in a sixteen year odyssey. Their website is filled with photos and stories going right back to building their yacht in their backyard. Their blog is filled with simple ideas for making life afloat more fun, safe, and comfortable, including links to online videos, Cruising Guides, and DVDs and Books that they have produced, plus a page on products that served them well during 200,000 miles of ocean travel.

Yacht Adina - Sailing around the world
Posted March 2014.
Tom and Susie left the UK in April 2013. Having cruised the Med. (including Tunisia and Algeria), crossed the Atlantic and explored the Caribbean, they are at the time of posting crossing the Pacific. Some good Galapagos sailing notes on their site.

Yacht Ventana's Voyage
(1996 - 2010)
Over 100 pages of information for cruisers with info from how to outfit a boat to hurricane strategies to pages of photos on destinations to pirate strategy for the Red Sea etc.

Southern Europe & The Med

11 years circumnavigating Europe
Posted January 2014.
We departed Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2001 and we have visited 35 countries so far: Bermuda, Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, Channel Islands, England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Cyprus, Israel, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Albania and Italy.
Bob Kinnier - s/v Polaris

Adventures in the Med
(2004 - 2010)
Very informative blog by Amanda and Mark Church who recently have been cruising in the Med. Originally left New Zealand in 2004.

All Over the Mediterranean
(From 2007 - posted June 2012)
Halifax to the Azores, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Tunisia, Malta and now Croatia (2012). Canadians Rick and Bonnie Salsman's blog has great write ups about the places they have visited and very useful cruising notes.

Cygnus III - Circumnavigating (Slowly)
Posted March 2014.
In 2011, the Mark & Angelina Roope sold everything, bought an Oyster '45 and sailed off into the sunset from Hull, UK, with their 2 teenage sons (now 18 and 20). Their website has a blog of their journey, maps, links and photos which they hope will help others planning the same. Currently they have sailed Northern Europe to the Mediterranean, around Spain, Balearics, Sardinia and across to Sicily. Plans for this year are Tunisia, Sardinia and Corsica and wintering in Sicily.

Follow the Boat (The Med to India)
Tales (not just) from the high seas, documented through podcast interviews and walkabouts, detailed photography and amusing observation. One of the oldest sailing blogs written by Liz, Jamie and Millie The Cat (yes, she does have her own blog!) as they make their way down from Turkey, through the Red Sea and beyond.

Med Cruising Guide - SY Kotare
Posted July 2012
Alex Moreton and his wife are currently on a 3 year voyage around the Med and are putting together a very detailed cruising guide on places visited, free on their website. They are also keen for other cruisers to contribute info. too.

Mediterranean Cruising Blog by a family of four
Posted July 2013.
We are a family of 4 starting our circumnavigation adventures in the Med. This season we will be starting in Croatia and then going on to Greece and Turkey. Our blog we feel will connect with many others and there may be some surprises in there as we have (as far as we know) one of the first if not only amphibious ultralight on the back of a lagoon sailing yacht. Michael van de Riet.

Mediterranean Journeys of Wild Goose
Posted August 2014.
These US cruisers have been exploring the Meditteranean for the past 2 years. They started their European travels in Portugal and sailed on the European side to Spain, Italy, Albania, Greece and Turkey. From Turkey they continued to Israel, Greece, Malta, Tunisia and finally the summer of 2014 in Spain.

Mediterranean Odyssey
Ray and Mandy spent the 2013 season cruising the Ionian in Greece having arrived there from the Balearics, Spain. In Spring 2014 they plan to go through the canal and into the Aegean.

Planning a European Cruise?
Website: JimB Sail
Very useful website which aims to compare European cruising areas in order to help relatively novice cruising folk decide where to charter or where to base their boat for a season or so. Information arranged by cruise areas.

Sail Big Sky
Europe and the Mediterranean - 37 countries and 4 continents.

Sailing in the Med
(2003 - 2010)
Rudy Zurkirchen's experiences while sailing in the Med since 2003. (German language text)

The Voyages of Gilana
Updated April 2013
A live aboard family (Laura, Mike and Liz) cruised from South Africa to Brazil, the Caribbean, across to the Med, back to the Caribbean and Central America, crossing the Atlantic several times from 1999. Their daughter Liz no longer lives on board with them, but Laura and Mike are still going strong.

Indian Ocean, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific

Cruising Southeast Asia Under Power - and On a Budget
As well as cruising stories about out of the way places, Cruising Southeast Asia Under Power and On a Budget gives advice on how to select and convert a cruising powerboat for budget cruising and the real costs of doing it. The simple, sailing boat-style M.V. Lifeline model is particularly relevant for sailboaters looking to change to a powerboat. There are now more powerboats cruising since the site was started in 2007 but most powerboat cruising is not on a limited budget. Uniquely, this site shows how a powerboat can cruise off the beaten track. as simply and sustainably as a sailing boat.
Since owner, Sue Goodrick's, husband Philip died in 2008, she has been living on board "Lifeline" in Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia, and her blog has lots of useful information about this marina.

Cruising the Sudanese and Eritrea
The NZ crew of Tuatara were here in 2010 and have some interesting info. on their website.

Fleetwood Log
(2005 - 2007)
A journal of Jack van Ommen’s circumnavigation started in February 2005 from the Pacific Northwest through the South Pacific, South East Asia, the Indian Ocean then around the Cape of Good Hope, across the Atlantic Ocean to the June 2007 arrival on the Chesapeake Bay.

Helping the Solomon Islanders
Yacht Kuna's conservation projects in the Solomon Islands.

Malaysia to NZ
Hanneke and Joop take their yacht Vaarwel from Malaysia - PNG - Solomons - Vanuatu - to their home in NZ. Blog in Dutch and English.

Malaysia to Port Stephens Australia - Solo
(Aug 10 - Jan 11)
Sailblogs site detailing the solo voyage of Rogue Wave (Sigma 36) during Aug 10-Jan 11. Started at Penang to Langkawi Rebak Is (refit), Penang, Puteri Marina, Nongsa, Belitung Is, Bali, Roti, Darwin, Thursday Island, Cairns, Townsville, Southport and Port Stephens.

Motor Cruisers to The East
(2009 - on going)
The log of three motor cruisers journeying from West coast of America, via Alaska and Siberia to Japan and China.

Pacific Cruising from California
Posted March 2014.
The Scarfe family left Marina Del Rey in Feb, 2012. They sold everything they owned, spent a year cruising the Sea of Cortes, sailed 18,000 miles across the South Pacific and are currently docked at the Ala Wai marina in Waikiki, waiting to cross to Kodiak, Alaska in the spring. Parents Jon Scarfe and Suki Kaiser with their children Kai (age 12) and Hunter (age 10) live aboard their Gulfstar 44 center cockpit "Pura Vida". You can read about their journey so far on their blog.

Pacific Information - from 2010
Posted July 2012
Jim and Katie Thomsen have some good reports on the places they visited as they crossed the Pacific aboard their Hallberg Rassy '40 - Galapagos, Marquesas, Tuamotos, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Niue, Palmerston, Tonga, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia & Vanuatu to date. They started their voyage in 2006 visiting Northern Europe, Western Mediterranean, Canary Islands and the Caribbean before transiting the Panama Canal.

SE Asia, Indian Ocean to Australia
The Hacking family have a wealth of information on their website including cruising notes for Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Anamans, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Chagos, Seychelles, Madagascar, Mayotte and Australia.

SV Carina - 10 years cruising the Pacific
Posted April 2013
Philip & Leslie are experienced sailors...10 years cruising the Pacific, >28,000 ocean miles on their Mason 33. They are active authors, contributing to sailing magazines and also active volunteers on HF radio nets (marine and ham bands including the Pacific Seafarer's Net). Their extensive website chronicles their ten years of continuous cruising and the amazing experiences they have had outside of the US. Currently based in Pohnpei, FSM.

Tales of Aroha
Tales of Aroha's travels with their rookie NZ crew on board - 6 month cruise from Dubai.

South America and Southern Latitudes

Saranda At Sea
(2004 - 2010)
Log of Eric and Sherrell's various trips to Central and south America, plus much general cruising information.

The Voyages of Gilana
Updated April 2013
A live aboard family (Laura, Mike and Liz) cruised from South Africa to Brazil, the Caribbean, across to the Med, back to the Caribbean and Central America, crossing the Atlantic several times from 1999. Their daughter Liz no longer lives on board with them, but Laura and Mike are still going strong.

Northern Europe


Sail Big Sky
Europe and the Mediterranean - 37 countries and 4 continents.

Tale the Restoration of SY Pacifico
(2007 - ongoing)
Illustrated website about the restoration and North Sea cruising of a German yacht. Text in both German and English.

Yacht Suwena sailing on the Baltic Sea and in Northern Europe
2011 - ongoing
Eve and Andrus are from Finland and their blog has a lot of local knowledge for Baltic Sea sailing. Their voyage continues on the North Sea coast and the English Channel with plans to circumnavigate the UK and visit Orkeny, Shetland and the Faroe islands. They also have a Youtube channel with videos about their sailing voyages.

North and Central America, and the Caribbean

Billabong - First Year in the Caribbean
We are co-owners of the Billabong a 50ft Colvic Victor. Last winter we sailed from Menorca to Aruba, my two favorite islands, one is where I live, the other where I was born. We are planning to cruise every winter (if we can afford it!) and so hopefully see the world. Our blog has useful and fun information for other cruisers. Debbie & Andy.

Cruising Pacific Mexico for 3 years
Posted May 2013.
Emily and Mark Fagan have been traveling full-time by sailboat and RV since 2007, starting out in their RV and then adding the boat after a few years so they could alternate winters afloat and summers on the road. Their site has great photos, free Cruising Guides and lots of tips for Mexico cruising.

Fleetwood in the Caribbean
(2008 - 2009)
The continuing log of Jack van Ommen’s cruises - this time through the Caribbean.

Hydroquest - Will and Sarah's Sailing Adventure
Started 2012
New to cruising, Will and Sarah bought their first boat in Mexico in 2011 and are now cruising the Sea of Cortez before venturing further afield - to where they don't yet know.

Single-handing around the Caribbean
(2009 - on going)
Arnd enjoying cruising 'Zanshin' in the Caribbean before (maybe) heading further afield.

Small Boat Cruising Along the Coast
Departed Florida 2010 - heading South
Ginny and Steve Ladd are sailing their day-sailer Thurston along the coast - currently in Venezuela (January 2012). Exploring coast and inland on the rivers. Great photos and text on their blog.

The Voyages of Gilana
Updated April 2013
A live aboard family (Laura, Mike and Liz) cruised from South Africa to Brazil, the Caribbean, across to the Med, back to the Caribbean and Central America, crossing the Atlantic several times from 1999. Their daughter Liz no longer lives on board with them, but Laura and Mike are still going strong.


From Nieuwpoort (Belgium) to the Med
(2007 - on going)
Dutch, English and French website by Kaat and Eric of SY Nehalinnia who left Nieuwpoort (B) on the 7th of July 2007 with their Fellowship 27'. Their final goal, the small village of HORTÓ in the Volos bay in Greece took them through France sailing the canals, the rivers Saône and Rhône, along the French Med coast - winteing in Menton -, along the Italian west-coast and to the islands. Through the Corinth canal and the Saronic gulf to their destination.
Indonesia to Australia
Cruising in Company
Page on the Sail Indonesia website where boats returning from Indonesia to Australia can post their details if the wish to meet up with other yachts doing the same thing.
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