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Charts & Chart Agents

Tidesend - Bellingham Chart Printers
3225 S. MacDill Ave. #129-236, Tampa , FL 33629, USA
Tel:+1 800 64 33 90 0
Paper and electronic charts, nautical publications, cruising guides and courtesy flags.

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Nautical Book Publishers

Royal Cruising Club Pilotage Foundation
A charitable organization which does not distribute any profits as these are used to finance new books, new developments, to subsidize those pilots covering areas of low demand and the e-pilots. Over 32 pilot books available including Atlantic and Pacific Crossing guides. Coverage to the Mediterranean and the English Channel, and from Greenland to the Baltic and more in the pipeline. Browse, purchase on line, download an e-pilot at the website. A number of free downloads are available.

Tidesend - Bellingham Chart Printers
3225 S. MacDill Ave. #129-236, Tampa , FL 33629, USA
Tel:+1 800 64 33 90 0
Paper and electronic charts, nautical publications, cruising guides and courtesy flags.

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Books & Reviews - Cruising and Lifestyle

101 Dollar Saving Tips for Sailors
(plus Sailing Adventures in Paradise ) , By Vincent Bossley , See review at
This is an e-book; a narrative of his 4 year voyage sailing from the United Kingdom to New Zealand, interpersed with his money-saving tips.

A Family Outing in the Atlantic
by Jill Dickin Schinas , See review at
The story of an epic, seven-year-long cruise made by a young family aboard their sailing yacht.

A Passion for the Sea, Reflections on Three Circumnavigations
By Jimmy Cornell , Published by Adlard Coles and now available at
This book will be published in a kindle compatible version by Adlard Coles in 2011. "In a few paragraphs, it is impossible to give a proper appreciation of either Jimmy’s sailing achievements or the extent of his contribution to the development of cruising; for that you need to read his book, A Passion for the Sea, Reflections on Three Circumnavigations." The Cruising Association

A Race Too Far
by Chris Eakin , See review at
This is the story of the first round the world race in 1968.

A Thousand Miles From Anywhere
By Sandra Clayton ,
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (January 2013) ,
See more details at
The Claytons cross the Atlantic and sail the Caribbean on the third leg of their voyage.

As Long as It’s Fun: The Epic Voyages and Extraordinary Times of Lin and Larry Pardey
Published February 11, 2014
Few sailors in North America are as well known as Lin and Larry Pardey. Their cruising adventures have filled books and magazines, lecture halls , and video documentaries. With over 200,000 sailing miles, the Pardey’s are now the subject of a newly released book by Herb McCormick. Read a review of this book by Scuttlebutt at the above link.

Atlas of Oceans
By John Farndon , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (March 2011) , See more details at
A fascinating hidden world. This book is a vibrant journey through the Earth's oceans and a timely, important treatise on what must be done to save them.

Chasing Sunsets
By Lawrence Pane , Published by Raymond Hill Publishing , See review at
The story of a family's 6 year circumnavigation. Of interest to other familes, is the section on their return to 'nornal' life as well as some interesting pointers by Carole, a teacher.

Child of The Sea
By Doina Cornell ,
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (July 2012) ,
See review at
A Child of the Sea is the true story of Jimmy Cornell's daughter sailing around the world on the family's small yacht from the age of 7 to 14, based on Doina's diaries, letters and memories.

Cruisers’ AA
Published August 2013
Contains over 1,800 tips, tricks, advice and ideas on cruising – interspersed with colour pictures and shorts stories. Available in paperback or as an ebook. Information on where to purchase the book, and full details of its contents are on the website.

Dag Pike’s Cruising Under Sail
By Dag Pike, Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (January 2013). See more details at
Cruising in a sailboat is so much more than a voyage from A to B. It’s about visiting new and exciting places, and gaining pleasure and satisfaction from making the passage itself. Getting it right and enjoying the experience is a real skill, and this book shows you how to do just that.

Escape from Hermit Island
By Joy Smith and Leslie Brown , See review at
The story of two women struggling to save their sunken yacht in remote Papua New Guinea.

Hostage - A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters
By Paul & Rachel Chandler , See review by Jimmy Cornell at:
The dramatic account of a British couple's kidnap by Somali pirates and their subsequent spell in captivity.

Hunting the Hunters
By:Laurens de Groot ,
Published by Adlard Coles (1st Edn Jan 2014) ,
See review at
A riveting account from an ex-Dutch detective who gave up his job to join the fight against the Japanese whaling fleet.

Just Sea & Sky
By Ben Pester , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (September 2010) , See review at

Mike Peytons Biography
by Dick Durham , See the review at
Mike Peyton is the world's most famous nautical cartoonist.

Occupation Circumnavigator
- How to Finance a Lifestyle , By Lars Hässler , See details at
This is an extraordinary book by an extraordinary person. Lars Hässler is a Swedish lawyer who gave up a well-paid job, turned his back on the stress and hassle of the corporate world, and set off on a ten year 100,000 mile voyage.

Pacific Odyssey
By Gwenda Cornell Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (July 2012) , ISBN 9781408173855 , See review at
An interesting view of real life on various remote Pacific Islands.

Sailing Grace
By John Otterbacher , Published by Samadhi Press , See details at
The story of one man's determination to beat the odds having been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

Sailing Through Life
By Barb Radu Sprenger , See review at
From Finland to the Mediterranean - the unshakeable bond between human spirits.

Sailing in Paradise
By Rod Heikell , See review at
This practical little book provides all the details required if planning a charter holiday anywhere in the world.

Sell Up & Sail
By Bill and Laurel Cooper , See review at
The authors have covered a lot of miles in their life and their personal experience forms the core of their book.

Sell Up and Cruise the Inland Waterways
By Bill and Laurel Cooper , See review at
Bill and Laurel Cooper are the experts on living afloat. They offer much advice on how to get the most out of the inland cruising lifestyle.

Solitaire Spirit
By Les Powles , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Jan 2012) , See review at
The remarkable story of a novice sailor who built himself a boat and went on complete 3 solo circumnavigations. Finally sailing back into Lymington, U.K. at the age of 70 after having been given up for dead.

The Atlantic Crossing Guide
RCC Pilotage Foundation , Published August 2010 , See full details at
Essential reading for anyone contemplating crossing the Atlantic.

The Boy Behind the Gate
By Larry Jacobson , See review at
The story of how a dream of a circumnavigation become a 6 year odyssey of adventure.

The Islands Time Forgot
By Graham Morse , See review at
Exploring the South Pacific under sail. Fifty five islands, nineteen countries, seventeen thousand miles and one amazing adventure.

The Missing Centimetre
By Leon Schulz , See review at
The story of an ordinary family taking one year out of their life to sail the Atlantic circuit.

The Ultimate Survival Manual
By Rich Johnson ,
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing (March 2013) ,
See more details at
Your Go-To Guide For Surviving Anything!

Under the Endless Sky
Available from Amazon.
Italians Elisabetta Eordegh & Carlo Auriemma's sailing best seller, has now been translated into English for Kindle. This book describes their three and a half year circumnavigation from May 1988 to October 1991. Beautifully written, whilst this adventure took place over 2 decades ago, it is an entertaining read, especialy for those considering letting go of the bow lines.

Up That Particular Creek by Valentine Howell
Recently published book by Valentine Howells who took part in 1960 in the first trans-atlantic race.

Winter in Fireland - A Patagonian Sailing Adventure
By Nicholas Coghlan - 2011
A must-read for all those cruisers thinking about venturing to this part of the world.

Books & Reviews - World Cruising Guides

Les Editions du Plaisancier

Ocean Passages & Landfalls
By Rod Heikell and Andy O'Grady , ISBN: 9781846231551
Cruising Routes of the world with passage planning information and information on key harbours.

World Cruising Destinations
By Jimmy Cornell , See review at
An inspirational guide to all sailing destinations. This book will be published in a Kindle compatible version by Adlard Coles in 2011.

World Cruising Routes
7th Edition (2014) , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical , ISBN 978 14081 58883
Described as the bible of cruising sailors, World Cruising Routes is the definitive reference book for long distance navigators. This totally revised and updated edition has drawn on the latest weather information available to provide the most comprehensive aid to planning a safe voyage to any part of the world. With over 1000 sailing routes in all the oceans of the world, from the tropics to the high latitudes of the Arctic and Antarctic, it contains essential information on winds, currents, regional and seasonal weather as well as optimum times for individual passages.
C-Planner, a route planning application, has been designed as a companion to this edition of World Cruising Routes.

World Voyage Planner
By Jimmy Cornell , Published by Adlard Coles (Sept 2012) , See review at
Yet another essential book for anyone planning a world cruise.

Books & Reviews - Regional Cruising Guides

Listings and reviews of regional and individual country cruising guides are listed under Publications on each Country page. The only guides listed in this section are those that cover a very large area and number of countries, but are not world cruising guides (see above).

A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South
By Frank Virgintino
Everything North American sailors need to know to get to the Caribbean safely through a discussion of various routes from North America to the Caribbean as well as a discussion of the entire Caribbean.

Arctic and Northern Waters (RCCPF)
Including Faroe, Iceland and Greenland - New 2014 , By Andrew Wilkes , ISBN 9781846235030
A major new work from the RCC Pilotage Foundation, this pilot covers the Northwest and Northeast Passages through the Arctic Ocean. Publisher: Imray, Price: £60.00. The RCCPF website has supplementary information to this guide free to download.

Atlantic Crossing Guide
By RCC Pilotage Foundation , ISBN: 981408113806
A useful book to read if you have not cruised the Atlantic before. Introduces all the basic problems, as well as giving outline port information.

Atlantic Pilot Atlas
By James Clarke , ISBN: 9781408122471
Large format map-book showing wind and current percentage information for every month of the year. It covers the Atlantic, Caribbean and Mediterranean. There is a good commentary on each month too.

Chris Doyle's Caribbean Sailors Guides
Chris Doyle's guides are regularly updated, accurate and good value. They make navigating the islands straightforward. He provides sailing, mooring, shopping, eating and leisure information as well as technical support. The range includes the Windward Islands, Grenada to Martinique, Leeward Islands, Anguilla to Dominica, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela & Bonaire.

Indian Ocean Cruising Guide
by Rod Heikell , ISBN: 9780852889725
Good passage planning book with good local detail too. First produced 1996, now in its 2nd edition. Available through all major nautical publishers.

Indian Ocean: Cruising Guide to South East Asia
By Stephen Davies and Elaine Morgan , ISBN: 9781846230424
Includes Indonesia, East Timor, Singapore, West Thailand, Papua New Guinea.

Pacific Ocean: Landfalls of Paradise
By Earl Hinz , ISBN: 9780824830377
Good general passage planning book for the Pacific, with details on ports of entry and much more.

Pacific Ocean: Pacific Crossing Guide
By RCC Pilotage Foundation , ISBN: 9780713661828
Good general passage planning book, including Marquesas, Bora Bora and Fiji.

Pacific Ocean: South Pacific Anchorages
By Warwick Clay , ISBN: 0852884826
Clear but less detailed maps of passes and anchorages.

RYA Book of Caribbean Cruising
By Jane Gibb , ISBN: 9780713654318
Full of top tips for your boat and equipment preparations for Caribbean cruising.

Routes & Waypoints
By Captain Pieter D. Brown
A Navigational & Piloting Guide of Suggested Routes with Waypoints from Eastern Canada to Grenada including: the Canadian & USA E. Coasts, Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Leeward & Windward Islands. Follow link for review and further details.

South Atlantic Circuit
By Tom Morgan , ISBN: 9789541900338
A comprehensive reference to Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina and the South Atlantic Islands, South Africa and Namibia.

South Atlantic Circuit - Havens & Anchorages
By Tom Morgan/RCC Pilotage Foundation , ISBN: 954190041
A companion guide to the South Atlantic Circuit, covering the smaller and less-known destinations.

The Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising
By Rod Heikell , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (2nd edn.) , See review at
This book covers one of cruisers' most popular areas.

Books & Reviews - Technical & Navigation

A comprehensive guide to Marine Medicine
by Drs Eric Weiss and Michael Jacobs , Published by Adventure Medical Kits , See details and a review at
This small format book is packed with useful information and covers any eventuality, from broken bones to cardiac arrest. The book is extremely user friendly and gives easy to follow instructions for evaluating and treating virtually any medical problem at sea.

Adlard Coles Heavy Weather Sailing
Edited by Peter Bruce, 6th Edition (2008) , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical , See reveiw at
The latest edition of this classic book.

Aero-hydrodynamics and the Performance of Sailing Yachts
Published: 18th December 2009 , See the review at
The science behind sailing yachts and their design.

Atlantic Pilot Atlas
By James Clarke , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (5th Edn, Feb 2011) , See review at
A book anyone planning an Atlantic crossing, cruising the Caribbean or the Mediterranean should not be without.

Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual
By Nigel Calder , More details at
This book covers all aspects of installation, maintenance and repair of the various systems that operate on a modern cruising yacht.

Canvas for Cruisers
Posted November 2012.
This is a do-it-yourself book, produced by a long-term liveaboard who through trial and error has produced countless canvas products for boats and passes on the tricks on how to produce a long lasting "professional" looking piece of canvas.

Coastal Turmoil
Winds, Waves and Tidal Races , By Ken Endean , See details and review at
This book helps unravels the complexities of local winds, inshore currents and wave action and should enable careful skippers to avoid the trouble spots, reduce risks and cut passage times.

Cornells Ocean Atlas
By Jimmy and Ivan Cornell , Published by Cornell Sailing Ltd , See review at
A 'must have' book for anyone contemplating a long open water voyage. A beautifully presented atlas containing all you need to plan the best route and most favourable timing for crossing any ocean in the world.

Doctor On Board
By Jürgen Hauert , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical, June 2010 , ISBN 9781408112724
A Practical Guide to Medical Emergencies at Sea. Written specifically for the layman, this book shows the medical novice exactly how to tackle a wide variety of medical situations that might arise.

Encyclopedia of Weather and Climate Change
A Complete Visual Guide , Pub. Jan 2011 , See full details at
A comprehensive examination of the worlds weather, including an examination of climate change.

Essential Knots
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical , ISBN 978 1 408 13276 0 , See more details at
A clear, step-by-step guide on how to tie many types of knots.

First Aid at Sea
By Colin Berry & Douglas Justins Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (July 2012 6th edn) , ISBN 9781408157039 , See review at
This is a sturdy, colour-coded, easy to use guide to emergency first aid which might be required at sea.

How To Anchor Safely - So You Sleep Well!
By Malcolm Snook , See review at
A useful and well written ebook on anchoring techniques and related subjects.

How to Cope with Storms
by Dietrich von Haeften , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (2nd edn August 2011) , ISBN 978 1408 13293
This book is packed with practical advice and clear diagrams on how to cope, survival tactics and also how to avoid storms.

Practical Navigation for the Modern Boat Owner
By Pat Manley , See the review at
This book gives the reader a detailed overview of all the systems currently in use, from GPS to AIS, and describes how each system works, how to use it and get the best out of it.

Reeds Nautical Almanac
See review at
Published each year in September, this useful almanac covers the U.K, Ireland and the whole of the coast from the Kiel Canal in Germany to Gibraltar.

Reeds Skippers Handbook
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical , ISBN 9781408124772 , 6th Ed. 2010
This concise little book (just 4in X 6in) is one of those handy aids to keep in the chart table. It is clearly laid out with each section having different colours. It covers basic navigation, weather, buoyage, sail trim, ColRegs (including the CEVNI rules) among other things.

Reeds Weather Handbook
Published December 2013.
See link for details and review.

Replacing Your Boat's Engine
By Mike Westin , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (October 2011) , ISBN 978 1408 132944
This useful guide includes a detailed discusion on whether to rebuild or replace an engine, a step by step guide (including estimated time for each stage) on what to do, and plenty of pictures and illustrations. It contemplating taking on such a huge task yourself, this book will prove to be extremely useful.

Replacing Your Boat’s Electrical System
By Mike Westin ,
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Feb 2013) ,
See more details at
Being suitable for both motorboats and yachts, this highly practical manual is an invaluable guide to getting glitches fixed and upgrades completed quickly, easily and safely.

Sail Trim - Theory and Prectice
By Peter Hahne , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (August 2010) , ISBN 9781408123386
Sail trim is the art of setting sails in response to the varying conditions. This book demonstrates the skill of good sail trim with the aid of superb colour diagrams and photographs.

Sailing Strategy (Wind and Current)
By Ian Proctor , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (revised Edn.July 2010) , ISBN 9781408126783
Previously long out of print, it is considered the best book ever written on the subject, and presents in detail techniques which are still completely relevant and applicable today.

The Complete Anchoring Handbook
By Alain Poiraud, Achim and Erika Ginsberg-Klemmt , Published by International Marine (McGraw-Hill) , See review at
This well written und excellently illustrated book covers all aspects of anchors and anchoring, including windlasses.

The Crash Test Boat
Edited by Paul Gelder , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (January 2013) , See report at
How Yachting Monthly magazine took a 40ft boat through 8 disaster scenarios.

The Icom M802 Radio Manual For Idi-Yachts
by Captain Marti Brown , See details at
A guide for installing and using the Icom M802 SSB/HAM DSC radio.

The International Certificate of Competence
Pub. Adlard Coles 3rd Ed. (Jan 2010) , See more data at
This concise little book covers all that is required for both the theory and the practical tests for an ICC for Europe.

The Nautical Knowledge
(what every sailor needs to know to keep safe) , See review at ,
Published: May 2010 The knowledge every sailor needs, whether cruising or racing, offshore or inshore.

The Practical Skywatcher's Handbook
By David H. Levy & Dr. John O’Byrne , Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Jan 2012) , See review at
This substantial soft-backed book will be an invaluable help to all sailors wishing to be able to find their way around the night sky as well as offering a wealth of other information on the planets, history of astronomy, space travel and much more.

The Scuba Diving Handbook
By John Bantin , Published by Adlard Coles Nautial , ISBN: 987-0-7136-8362-2 See review at
This book covers diving from the very beginning of diving through to the latest techniques of scuba diving.

The Splicing Handbook
See more details at
The only handbook devoted to splicing today's ropes, this bestselling reference covers every kind of splicing project a boater will ever need.

Wilderness Veterinary Companion for Cruisers
By David LaVigne , See review at
This is a comprehensive manual that offers valuable help to pet owners whatever their mode of travel.

Book & Reviews - Other Useful Titles

Some of the recommended field guides below have been recommended by SV Totem. See their full blog post about the field guides they use on board at What are the best field guides for cruisers?

Dangerous Marine Animals: That Bite, Sting, Shock, or Are Non-Edible
By Bruce W. Halstead
Helpful information about less savory sea life you might encounter, recommended by cruisers.

French for Cruisers
By Kathy Parsons , Published by Aventuras Publishing Company , See further details at
The success of her “Spanish for Cruisers” has prompted Kathy Parsons to produce an even more comprehensive French phrase book for cruising sailors.

Guide to Marine Mammals of the World
National Audubon Society
From understanding the differences between oceanic dolphins and whales, to cataloging identifications, this will probably be one of the most frequently used guides on board. Featuring more than 320 illustrations, 418 photographs, and 123 maps. Recommended by cruisers.

Reef Fish Identification - Tropical Pacific
By Gerald Allen, Roger Steene, Paul Humann & Ned Deloach
For understanding what you see when you go snorkelling or scuba diving, regional books are far more useful than generic "reef life" guides. The same publishers also offer "Reef Creature Identification" and one for reef coral as well. For Australia waters their Indo-Pacific Coral Reef Guide is useful as well. Without guides you miss out on a lot of the environment around you.

Sea Fishing
By Jim Whippy , See review at
There's nothing better than freshly caught fish for supper - and with this book to hand you won't even have to pay for it!

Seabirds of the World
By Peter Harrison
A great reference illustrating photographically more than 321 species of seabirds in the world, that will help you ID many of your sightings.

Seashells of the World (Golden Guide)
By R. Tucker Abbott
Collecting shells while beach combing is one of the simple pleasures of the cruising life. This book will help you understand the life cycle of shells as well as identify those you collect.

Spanish for Cruisers
By Kathy Parsons , See full report at
The new edition of this extremely useful guide has a host of new features that will make life even easier for sailors visiting Spanish speaking countries.

The Cruiser's Handbook of Fishing
By Scott Bannerot
Everything you need to know about catching, cleaning, and preparing fish. Very complete book on this subject and recommended by cruisers.

The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages
Published by Adlard Coles Nautical (January 2014) ,
See more details at
An invaluable book for anyone sailing outside their native country.


Cruising DVDs for California & Sea Of Cortez
My wife Jill and I have recently released two new cruising DVDs that may be of interest to any cruisers planning a trip in the areas from San Francisco California to the Sea of Cortez Mexico. You can view information about the DVDs and a 1 minute short for each in the DVD section of our WEB page. The DVDs have no region code and can be viewed in any country. Greg and Jill.

Reach for the Sea
DVD by Kay and Lane Finley , Produced by Clean Wake Productions Ltd , See details and review at
An an introduction to offshore cruising.

Reach for the Sea (New Zealand)
Created by Kay and Lane Finley , See the details at
This DVD is a comprehensive overview of cruising the more remote parts of New Zealand.

The Julius Project: Building The Dream
BUILDING THE DREAM: A TransAtlantic Voyage. Documentary series IN PRODUCTION, about bringing one man's dream "back to life". It will be filmed in a vérité style and narrated by the godfather of world cruising, Jimmy Cornell. In just 12 months a group of friends, advisors, sailing enthusiasts and marine-shops will build a 35 ft. sailboat for a 2008 sail across the Atlantic. The series follows the building process from scratch, installing the hardware and the equipment, performing "no-compromise" sea trials and ultimately sailing to Europe where the original boat builder, Julius Karu, left from over a half century ago.


New Publications for Cold Water Cruising

Cruising Guides to Cuba - A Comparison

The Illustrated Boat Dictionary in 9 Languages

Caribbean Fiction: Marina Melee

The Ultimate Survival Manual

Replacing Your Boat’s Electrical System

A Thousand Miles From Anywhere

Dag Pike’s Cruising Under Sail

New Free Caribbean Cruising Guide - A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South

Navionics Charts on mobile phone

Grenada to the Virgin Islands, A Cruising Guide to the Lesser Antilles: Book Review

Mediterranean France & Corsica Pilot: Book Review

The Stockholm Archipelago: Book Review

Corsica and North Sardinia: Review

Ionian: Review

The Ionian Cruising Companion: Review

West Aegean Book Review

Greek Waters Pilot: Review of Latest Edition

Cruising Guide To Belize and Mexico’s Caribbean Coast

Norway: Book Review

Central Mediterranean Cruising Guide Book Review

Sailing Through Paradise: Book Review

Book Review: Andaman Sea Pilot

Islas Baleares

Yachtsman's Navigator Guide To Chilean Patagonia

Channel Havens

Patagonia & Tierra del Fuego Nautical Guide

Havens and Anchorages: A companion to the South Atlantic Circuit for the South American coast

South Atlantic Circuit

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
Sailing Directions Enroute include detailed coastal and port approach information, supplementing the largest scale chart of the area. Each publication is subdivided into geographic regions, called sectors, which contain information about the coastal weather, currents, ice, dangers, features and ports, as well as a graphic key to the charts available for the area. Worldwide. Updated weekly.
Platinum Sponsors

Your adventure starts here! World ARC is the voyage of a lifetime. A 26,000nm tradewind circumnavigation with our team in every port ensuring a warm welcome. World ARC is a mix of cruising in company and free time to explore. Make a full circumnavigation or sail half a rally. The pace keeps the fleet together, enjoying the shore-side activities as a group, while staying with the best weather. Families with children, retirees or a ‘grown up gap year’ - all are welcome as part of World ARC. Our dedicated rally team ensure you make the most of your time ashore, and provide peace of mind at sea. Starts from Saint Lucia, Panama and Australia.

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Yellowbrick is battery powered, and will run for up to 3 months, transmitting hourly. In standby mode it will last for up to a year between charges. It can send and receive short messages via e-mail and SMS, and has an alert button. Running costs are just £8 (US$12) per month plus transmissions, and you only pay when it is being used – you pay nothing when it is not!

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Cuba: New Cruising Guide (Vol. 1) published by Cheryl Barr

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USA: NOAA offers free nautical chart mobile app

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Great New Service for noonsite users: Get notified of cruising news, reports and country updates as they are posted

Great New Service for noonsite users: Get notified of cruising news, reports and country updates as they are posted  (23 May 2013)

The definitive guidebook to maritime anti-piracy just released

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USA and Canada Divvy Up Electronic Chart Duties for Border Waters  (22 Feb 2013)

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A Thinking Mans Guide to Voyages South - the many facets of Caribbean Cruising  (10 Jan 2013)

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The Crash Test Boat  (10 Jan 2013)

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Caribbean: Free Cruising Guide to the ABC Islands Available Today  (20 Oct 2012)

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A Cruising Guide to the Dominican Republic 5th Edition: Now Available at FreeCruisingGuides  (06 Sep 2012)

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The Boat Galley Cookbook: Free Sample  (04 Sep 2012)

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New Book by Jimmy Cornell: World Voyage Planner  (28 Aug 2012)

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Sailing Today Magazine App now FREE  (27 Apr 2012)

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A Cruising Guide to Haiti 2.0 - available FREE online  (23 Apr 2012)

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New from Imray  (02 Apr 2011)

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New Free Cruising Guide for the Cayman Islands  (06 Dec 2010)

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Almanac for English Channel now online and free   (14 May 2009)

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North Brittany and The Channel Islands Cruising Companion  (19 Nov 2008)

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Planning A Mediterranean Summer: Four New Must-Read Reviews  (06 Mar 2008)

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Bumper Lot of Book Reviews  (06 Dec 2007)

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Cruising Guide To The Leeward Islands  (27 Nov 2007)

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The Channel Islands Book Review: Noonsite Book Of The Month  (13 Mar 2007)

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Book Review: Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands  (12 Feb 2007)

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Atlantic Spain & Portugal - Noonsite Book of the Month  (05 Aug 2006)

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Noonsite Book Of The Month: Kids In The Cockpit  (11 Jul 2006)

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Noonsite Book of The Month -: The ABC Islands  (11 May 2006)

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Book Of The Month - Mediterranean Spain: Costas del Sol and Blanca  (11 Apr 2006)

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Spies, Crooks and Others Along the Way: Noonsite Book Of The Month  (10 Feb 2006)