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Books,Charts and DVDs - Cruising publications, publishers, chart agents. Reviews of books and DVDs.

Communications - Global communications, email, radio nets.

Cruisers' Websites - Links to sailing websites created by other cruisers.

Cruising Information - Cruising information that is not specific to one country; organisations, magazines, cruising with children, navigation, Apps, documents etc.

Environment - Environmental issues and events.

Equipment - Special cruising gear, global service agents, reports on breakages.

European Union - General information for yachts visiting the European Union: Import Duty, VAT, etc.

Global Yachting Services - Insurance, Yacht Transport, Yacht Deliveries and Crewing Services.

Safety and Medical - Safety services, equipment and reports; Global health issues and advice.

Messageboards - Want to contact other cruising families, find someone or something, or find out about details of your next destination? Noonsite will post your message here.

Piracy - Reports on attacks against yachts since 2000, suggestions on basic precautions and security related reports.

Rallies - Details of the most popular cruising rallies throughout the world.

Regional Agreements - Details of cross-country agreements concerned with immigration and formalities that affect cruisers worldwide (Schengen Visas, European Inland Waterways).

Report Summaries - Monthly Summaries of News and Reports posted each month.

Routing - Questions and answers about routes around the world.

Weather - Global weather information, links to relevant websites.


Publications - Imray and Adlard Coles Pilot Books are available at a discounted price for users via World Cruising Club


Credit Card Fraud In Caribbean Alert

Platinum Sponsors

Noonsite users may be familiar with Yellowbricks from offshore rallies they have participated in, but you might not be aware you can buy a Yellowbrick for your own personal use.

Yellowbrick is not an EPIRB or a PLB; it does not just transmit your position in an emergency, it transmits your position on a regular basis, all the time. Friends and family can see where you are, and where you have been, on your personal web-based map. It is waterproof, rugged, and trusted by virtually all the world's major offshore yachting events.

Yellowbrick is battery powered, and will run for up to 3 months, transmitting hourly. In standby mode it will last for up to a year between charges. It can send and receive short messages via e-mail and SMS, and has an alert button. Running costs are just £8 (US$12) per month plus transmissions, and you only pay when it is being used – you pay nothing when it is not!

Why wait for an emergency to let people know where you are?