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 Maldives - General Info

Time Zone

UTC +5

Yachting Essentials

Voltage: 230 V

Frequency: 50 Hz


Rufiya (Rf) of 100 lari.

US$ accepted on the tourist islands.


International Dialing Code for Maldives is +960.

Mobile phone: Roaming agreements exist with most international mobile phone companies. Coverage is decent throughout the islands, though as the country is so spead out, there are still some blindspots. It’s possible to buy a local SIM card in Malé to make cheap local calls.

Internet: The Internet can be accessed from most areas of the Maldives. Malé, the capital, has a lack of Internet cafés, but Wi-Fi is available in many other cafés. Almost all resorts have Internet connections via terminals for guest use or wireless, though these are rarely free.

Ocean Logistics and Shipping Pvt Ltd
M.Veli, 2nd floor , Handhuvaree Hingun , Male', Rep of Maldives
Tel:009607774460 Fax:009603305958 ,VHF Channel 16
Opening hours: 9am to 9pm

Diplomatic Missions


Sail Maldives
This north-to-south rally, which takes over a month to complete, commences on 20th January 2017 at Uligamu in Haa Alif Atoll. Entry fee which includes all formalities, rally organisation and events ashore regardless of number of crew, is less than it would cost you to cruise the Maldives for a month.


Emergencies - Dial 119


IMRAY AND ADLARD COLES PILOT BOOKS are available at a discounted price for users via World Cruising Club

Indian Ocean Cruising Guide
By Rod Heikell
Publisher: Imray,Laurie,Norie & Wilson Ltd (2nd edition 2007)
ISBN-13: 9780852889725
Cruising guide covering the routes from Europe to Australia and points in between, Indian Ocean Cruising Guide covers all the usual points of interest for cruising yachtsmen, from history to climate, weather patterns, formalities, route planning and so on. This second edition has been thoroughly revised and contains a lot of additional information on Malaysia and Thailand, the Seychelles and the Chagos archipelago.

Sailing Through Paradise - Cruising Guide to the Maldives
By Jolanda Geerdink John Hoedemakers
Publisher: SailAdventures (2nd Edition 2011)
ISBN-13: 978-9081189019

Malwlays - Maldives Island Directory
By Tim, J. Godfrey
Publisher: Sea Challengers; 2 edition (April 1998)
ISBN-13: 978-1876410247
Complete island directory of the Maldives with 23 pages of maps including an updated map of Male, the island capital of the archipelago. Maps are printed in full color and clearly show reefs, islands and other features such as protected marine areas, wrecks, airports and heliports. Where a resort name is different from the traditional name of the island, the traditional name is included in brackets. At the back of the book is an index of 1068 islands with latitude and longitude coordinates for quick reference.

Dive Maldives: A Guide to the Maldives Archipelago
By John Godfrey
Publisher: Atoll Editions; 3rd Revised edition edition (May 2006)
ISBN-13: 978-1876410841

Marine Life of the Maldives
By Neville Coleman
Publisher: Atoll Editions (July 2005)
ISBN-13: 978-1876410728

Maldives Cruising Guide
By Max Molteni
Publisher - Edizioni il Frangente - Edition 2009
ISBN 9788887297423
Provides a full range of sailing directions as well as anchorage locations, supported by detailed charts and aerial photos in full colour. A substantial introductory section provides important information on the country, as well as covering navigation, equipment and cruising formalities. Climate & weather - crucial to planning cruises in these waters - are discussed at length and a chapter is devoted to fishing, surfing and scuba diving. The itineraries section provides abundant explanatory advise on approaches, navigation, anchorages, harbours and places of interest for all the Maldivian atolls.

Tourism in Maldives

Jamie Furlong of SY Esper visited the Maldives in 2013. His blog - - has some interesting and insightful reports as well as great photographs.

Cruising Information for the Maldives by SV Ocelot (2007 & 2009) -

Update History

October 2017: Reported fees paid added to Fees section.
April 2016: All formalities and links checked.
July 2015: Publications checked
January 2015: Entry fees confirmed by agent Asadulla Mohamed.
January 2015: Crew arriving by plane information provided by SY Tamarisk.
March 2014: New Cruising Permit and length of stay rules from agent Ahmed Rasheed.
April 2013: Formalities checked and updated by agent Ahmed Rasheed.

Noonsite welcomes information and updates especially regarding clearance, customs and immigration procedures from cruisers visiting this country.
Please E-mail noonsite with any new information, updates or corrections. Even just a short email confirming that the current data is accurate would be most helpful.

kdchu4041 says:
Oct 09, 2017 02:31 AM

We used Ship Care as agent in Male for entry and exit. one of the owner Afrah is a good man and even elected as some official but still spent time to meet us. The operation is by his colleague. The agency fee and the charges had been raised a bit comparing to the charges posted by the previous sailor. We are a 58ft Tanya monohull and with the final charge of USD1000 including the agency fee, mooring, cruising permits (for 1 month while we only stayed 1 week). The service from Ship Care is acceptable. However, in getting the water, it had been charged a bit high comparing high with add on. We paid for the first time of 1 ton through the agent at USD110 while we directly ordered the water for the 2nd time at USD50.

Franco feelsogood
Franco feelsogood says:
Jan 09, 2017 10:51 AM

We sailed Maldives for one month now, found the places lovely in this period with mostly sun and light Wind, perfect for our guests Christmas holiday, most of time in felidhee atoll where you can easily find desert Islands with good shallow sandy anchorages.
we suggest mainly 2 island: bodumohoraa(southern felidhe atoll) with a nice lagoon on its west side where anchor in 6/8mt depth, and Vashugiri(north west of felhide atoll)all the area here is mainly sand WNW of the island a good anchorage just 40nm from Malè.
All the paperworks been manage by shipcaremaldives agents, Afrah and Hanoon have been very nice helping us sorting out everything we needed, included provisioning and refueling from our arrive until our departure.
They managed everything in a great familiar as professional way to makes you forget about all burocratics and organizing nightmares you can find traveling around the world.
You can contact them at:
We are now sailing back to Seychelles where you can really experience what a burocracy nightmare is. says:
Dec 17, 2016 01:39 AM

In March 2017 we will have been in Maldives 2 years. We have paid many "school fees" by dealing with the wrong people, simply because its impossible to tell real experts from the wannabe experts. With hindsight the key to cruising Maldives is to select the right agent in the first place. That in itself is no easy task, because whilst they are trying to get your business, all agents promise the world. Once you have the right agent then life gets easier, because he will put you onto the right suppliers and give you the short cuts. Unfortunately once we signed up with our selected agent the reality was a nightmare. The main issue was that one cannot terminate or change agents without a letter of no objection FROM THE AGENT HIMSELF. This left us in a catch 22 situation, and we paid dearly for that letter, allowing us to change agents. After 2 false starts with the wrong agents, we found SHIP CARE MALDIVES, a fairly new agency run by Afrah and Hanoon. ( After 3 months I was confident enough in their service levels to post a reference on noonsite. It has now been 6 months and I have been impressed that they have maintained, if not improved their service levels. Afrah and Hanoon are fluent in English and have a very good idea of what servicing a client really means. No task is too much trouble and they have gone the extra mile for me numerous times. Please feel free to mail me if you need any info. says:
Sep 19, 2016 04:38 PM

We have been in Maldives for over a year and have had some bad experiences with unscrupulous agents. Thankfully we found a new agency SHIP CARE MALDIVES, owned and run by Afrah who has been exceptional. He is honest and his prices are reasonable, and there are no surprises when the invoice arrives. I'd recommend his services without hesitation.

lepapillon says:
May 07, 2015 10:09 AM

When we entered the Maldives we experienced a lot of Technical problems. All which have been resolved thanks to a contact who was given to us by some friends. This guy is not an agent he is someone who helps the sailing community with their problems.
We really can recommend this person. If you need a spare part or an engineer, electrician whatsoever he will organise it for you. (Most of the spare parts are available in Male) He send you a copy of the selling price and he put a small service charge on top of it. We paid him a very moderate and acceptable fee for all his efforts and stayed in communication during our whole trip. Just before leaving to chagos we experienced another technical problem which required our immediate attention. The spare part was delivered to us just in a day. Thanks Badeeu for all what you have done for us. For anyone who is interested in contacting him here is his phone number. 7527312.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Apr 07, 2015 11:59 AM

Posted on behalf of SV Totem, 31 March 2015:
Official fees for permits and clearance make the Maldives among the most expensive countries we’ve visited, and certainly the most costly in terms of unavoidable-fees-per-day. One month is nearly $900. But most of these fees are fixed whether you stay one month or three months, so by staying longer we bring down our daily cost- we’ll average around $17/day over two months. Agent fees are just a small fraction, and similar to Sri Lanka and French Polynesia - the other countries we’ve been required to have an agent. The biggest charge in the Maldives is from the tourism ministry. It feels high, and in planning our route this year, there were times we questioned coming. But one week in, we’re glad we did, and excited about the weeks ahead here.

svEquanimity says:
Mar 31, 2015 07:25 AM

Our experience was that Assad was great in Uligan, but Rasheed was the worst of the worst. He represents Advandfort security contractor, so as long as you use them, he'll help you, but we had a different contractor and he made our life's very difficult, lied to us about the storage costs until the day before we were meant to embark the weapons, where he upped our quote $11,000. In the end, we luckily found another weapons owner and agent that was much more reliable and trustworthy. I'd recommend Abdul Hannan from Antrac ( who has agents in Uligan as well. He's well connected and been in the business many more years than Rasheed.

Sue Richards
Sue Richards says:
Jan 22, 2015 02:59 PM

Posted on behalf of SY Tamarisk:
We had a very favorable experience with Assad and Rasheed at Real Seahawks Maldives as agents there, and they can assist in finding security for the GOA crossing.

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