Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay Marina & Lagoon: Spike in Petty Theft – September/October 2014

The following security incidents were reported by the Caribbean Safety and Security Net. You can find out more about the CSSN at See comment by the Rodney Bay Marina Management in response to these thefts at the bottom of the report.

Published 8 years ago, updated 4 years ago


According to sources at RBM, the marina manager has instituted nightly patrols along each pontoon, within the marina. Opportunist thefts have declined, as a direct result. A new security company has been contracted to provide expanded security commencing duties on November 17, under the direct command of the marina management. It is hoped that this will yield good results and that the effort will be sustainable.

Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay Marina: Thefts

DATE: 2014-09-28

NATURE OF CRIME: Theft. Stolen Items: Dinghy anchor. The fuel tank had been disturbed; but, not removed.

SECURED: Not Locked

DETAILS: overnight theft was noted in the morning. The displaced fuel tank drew attention to the missing anchor. Reported to marina management.

DATE: 2014-09-29

NATURE OF CRIME: Theft. Stolen Items: BBQ


DETAILS: Sometime during the week of September 29, 2014, a yacht docked at RBM was boarded and the BBQ which was secured with wing nuts and tie wraps to the stern rail was removed. It is possible that the crew was not on board at the time of the theft. Reported to marina management and the police.

DATE: 2014-10-18

NATURE OF CRIME: Theft. Stolen Items: Several bottles of wine and three bottles of whiskey

SECURED: Not Locked

DETAILS: A yacht at the dock in Rodney Bay Marina was unoccupied while work was being done. The worker locked up the yacht at days end but was likely observed returning the key to the agreed hiding place. The next morning the worker discovered the yacht had been burgled, the thief took wine and whiskey. Reported to marina management.

Saint Lucia, Rodney Bay Inner Lagoon: Burglary

DATE: 2014-10-17

NATURE OF CRIME: Burglary. Stolen Items: Non-working laptop and tablet.


DETAILS: Sometime during the prior week a locked boat on a marina mooring in the inner lagoon of Rodney Bay was burgled. Absentee owners were provided photos by the marina who rented the mooring and minded the unoccupied boat. Owners will complete a full inventory on their return. Noticeably missing was a nonworking laptop and tablet. Interior was ransacked and minor damage to lock/entry was noted. Marina management has made repairs and indicated that a police report was filed, but no copy has been made available to the owner.

Rodney Bay Marina’s response

In response to the unusual and sudden spike in petty theft in Rodney Bay Marina, the General Manager ‘Simon Bryan’, who also sits on the Board of Director, for the ‘Yachting and Maritime sector of the St Luca Hotel and Tourists Association’, wishes to reassure all the members the cruising community “that St Lucia is still a very beautiful and safe yachting destination”.  In reaction to these recent incidents, Simon has met with Senior Government Officials who have kindly pledged to apply more resources to crack down on these crimes. As a direct response, Rodney Bay Marina has increased security in and around the lagoon, as well as ensuring that the security company has VHF radios so that visiting yachtsmen can contact them immediately if they witness any suspicious activity.

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