Brazil, Fortaleza: Armed boarding and robbery – September 2018

September 2018: Anchored close to the Navy and Yacht Club a yacht was boarded shortly after arriving at 04:00 by 4 men armed with knives. The owners were tied up and the boat was ransacked with many items stolen.

Published 5 years ago, updated 4 years ago

As reported by the victims:

It must have been about the 6th of September, last year.

We arrived in the Bay at about 02H00 and headed for the Marina, but the motor wasn’t pumping water. So we sailed to the opposite side of the bay and anchored close to the Navy and the yacht club at about 03H00.

We were boarded at about 04H00 by 4 guys armed with knives, who tied us up and proceeded to strip the boat. They roughed us both up demanding money.

The leader of the gang was in the Navy and I think that they know.

They stole (my wife’s) gold bracelet, chains and rings. Lots of her clothes, including shoes.

Also 3 cell phones, 1 tablet, 1 laptop, AIS, Garmin fish finder, a29 carbon fiber MTB, a lot of electronic tools, complete socket set, a new 3hp outboard motor, 3 sets of snorkeling equipment, speargun, fishing rods, pots, knives and lots of small things. Over a hundred items.

We reported the incident to the Tourist police. Never heard from them. 

When I was in Lençoiś I met a Spanish guy that was robbed on the 12th of October.

Same guys.

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