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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Seychelles - Lynn Rival Siezed by Pirates (28 Oct 2009)

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Rachel and Paul Chandler, of yacht Lynn Rival (see previous report here ) appear to have fallen victim to kidnappers ... (Read more)

Brazil, Pirates Strike on the Amazon (30 Jul 2009)

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As reported by Pirates strike on the Amazon Wed, 29 Jul 2009 When New Zealand's revered Sir Peter Blake ... (Read more)

Italian Yacht Robbed and Stolen at Sea leaving crew behind (20 Jun 2009)

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This full news story in Italian can be found on the ANSA (Italian News Agency) website . Area: Italy, Naple's ... (Read more)

Seychelles Update on Piracy (09 Jun 2009)

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We are now back in the Seychelles and can give you an update on the piracy situation here. The Somali ... (Read more)

Missing Japanese Sailor - Updates (01 Jun 2009)

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As reported on Sail Japan Friends and supporters of Osaka round-the-world yachtsman Yonago Akio, fear that he may have run ... (Read more)

More on Tragic Murder of Yachtsman in Thailand (31 Mar 2009)

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Received from Phillip Gibbins, March 26th 2009 Amoenitas Royal Phuket Marina Thailand It is in a state of grief and ... (Read more)