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By Administrator last modified Sep 17, 2012 07:46 AM

Fatal Attack on French Cruising Couple in Venezuela (17 Sep 2008)

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A French Catamaran skipper was shot dead during an attack last Sunday night – 14 September – on board his ... (Read more)

Pirate Killed as French Hostages Freed (16 Sep 2008)

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Tue 16 Sep 2008, 6:17 GMT Our thanks to ECOTERRA International for alerting noonsite. Information via Reuters and the Daily ... (Read more)

Update: French Yacht Hijacked off the Coast of Somalia (08 Sep 2008)

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Original article from Sky News, updated from the Times on-line. The head of the Seafarers Assistance Programme (SAP), based in ... (Read more)

Warning: Captured Yacht in use by Somalian Pirates (08 Sep 2008)

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BE ALERT WHEN YOU SEE THIS YACHT IN OR NEAR SOMALIAN WATERS. The Amel Super Maramu Carre D'as IV, captured ... (Read more)

14 Somali Pirates Captured by Warship (08 Sep 2008)

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As reported in the Somali Press and Reuters. A warship off pirate-ridden Somali waters captured 14 pirates and destroyed their ... (Read more)

Armed Robbery of Superyacht in Corsica (27 Aug 2008)

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At approximately 2340 on Sunday 24 August 2008, a gang of four masked men boarded the 160-foot charter yacht "Tiara" ... (Read more)

Freed German Sailors Reach Kenya (14 Aug 2008)

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Two German cruising sailors were freed by Somali Pirates after 41 days in captivity and have now been airlifted to ... (Read more)

Sailboat Couple Attacked in Guatemala (11 Aug 2008)

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Robbers armed with machetes hacked a U.S. tourist to death and seriously wounded his wife in an attack aboard the ... (Read more)

German Cruising Couple Still Being Held Hostage in Somalia (11 Jul 2008)

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As reported by the Somali Press . Seventeen days later, and the ordeal for the German sailors held hostage in ... (Read more)

Somali Pirates Double Ransom (03 Jul 2008)

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It was widely reported yesterday that Somali pirates who seized four cruising sailors on June 23 – a German couple, ... (Read more)

Update to Sailing Family Siezed by Pirates (26 Jun 2008)

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As reported on & It is now clear that this hostage situation, which occurred early Monday morning, in ... (Read more)