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Caribbean East to Southern Brazil

By webmaster last modified May 15, 2008 05:10 PM

Published: 2008-05-15 17:10:53
Topics: Atlantic Ocean West
Countries: Canary Islands , Cape Verdes , Azores , Brazil

Jimmy and company:

I found nothing about this route in my (old) version of World Cruising Routes. I would appreciate your thoughts as to the best route and time of the year for this delivery. I wonder if the easiest/safest routing would involve stopping over at the Azores in April/May, leaving the boat there for a few months and go from Azores to Rio a few months later. In case your recommendation depends on boat type, this is for a smallish (33ft) Beneteau, hence staying out of weather and upwind/upcurrent legs is a must.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!



You are right: the logical way is to cross the Atlantic from the Eastern Caribbean to the Azores and continue the voyage from there: via Canaries to Cape Verdes, and to Brazil. I presume that you plan to leave the Caribbean by the end of the winter season, i.e. late April or May next year. This is a good time to sail directly to the Azores, but take enough fuel as you may have calms or light winds across the Sargasso Sea. From the Azores you can continue to the Canaries (if you wish you may stop in Madeira) and on to the Cape Verdes without the need to spend more than necessary in the Azores. Although you will be sailing south from the Canaries at the start of the North Atlantic hurrricane season, there is no real risk of hurricanes in the area close to the Cape Verdes.

From Praia you should sail due south across the equator and as your destination is Rio de Janiero I suggest you set a direct course once in the South Atlantic, and not plan on stopping anywhere else in Brazil, so as to benefit from a better angle across the prevailing SE winds.

Let us know how it all went. Good luck!

Jimmy Cornell, noonsite